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Thanks HPDJ for additional input. Sounds like I should just enjoy the amp as-is!
thanks everybody who responded to my query, re: mini-Torii.  Appreciate it!
C-SF, thanks for checking and posting, really appreciate it.   I stumbled into a used set of mini-Torii and ERR speakers here in Hong Kong, how lucky is that (I can't imagine many of these here, if any at all).  I'm impressed with Decware (until recently unknown to me), so that I've placed an order for a few other items - happy to give them business, and not just take from used market.   Back to mini-Torii, not much info out there, but it looks like mine is the...
quick question for you mini-Torii owners:   The switch to engage the treble tone knob - is it engaged when it is toggle toward you (if you are facing the amp), or vice versa?   I tried registering on Decware Forum (natural place to ask question) but for whatever reason cannot register.  Nothing in the manual, nor googling.   Hope one of you can set me straight, thanks
bump, and edited for new price on headphone
sold now, thanks
Please make offer
Please make offer
Please make a reasonable offer!
Sold now, thanks!
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