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no bud I haven't. I am going to go to one of the meet ups and listen to as many headphones as possible.    ATM I am thinking of building my own amp for fun.   Sorry about the super late reply, my classes took over my life and right now in another week or so my summer one class is starting again. 
My 535s sound amazing. I use the marshmallow earbuds and you have to learn how to put them on but I have gotten to the point were I just stick them in my ear and they are good to go. Comfortable and everything.    There is no way a $20 headsphones sound better than these and I have owned all the beats, klipsch, and some other brands that were up to $100, bose, just basically all your typical popular ones you can find the stores (worked at best buy so my discount was...
well I understand there is a huge difference but there has to be base I can set everything upon. If I listen to a BA driver and then different drivers in the same price range then I can have something to set my knowledge upon. But even then these won't matter because the shells are tuned differently.   Not all 18" subs are better just like they are SPL and SQ subs and they are sealed boxes, horns, ported, and...when it comes to audio and visual devices  it is all opinions...
Okay I can't seem to find what kind of drivers the 535s have. Does anybody know what drives them because I could use them as a good base knowledge and for some different ones to listen to during the meet ups
I know life is downhill right after college so yeah I am enjoying it right now, in a way lol.  Headphones, home audio, and car audio KIND of blend together man so do what I did and switch between them. Makes it a lot more fun. Plus most of these headphone amps cost as much as a car amp which the first time I saw it blew my mind. 
So I have done a good bit of research and I have found threads on connectors, soldering, resources, and everything else one could think of but nothing on how to actually put the cable together.    Do you just buy a cable, twist, and put a cover on it?    I don't know if I have missed the thread about it or what but I can't seem to find it :/   Any help would be appreciated. 
You will be amazed. Hell this semester I had just my reviews, not even a class, but reviews on a sunday and almost every person in the class showed up. The earlier classes, yeah they were jokes. But once you get in your junior and senior years and those hard chemistry, biology, math, or god help them all physic classes roll around. There is no more life. I wake up by my GF every morning and there is so much **** that I have to study that I don't even go for morning sex...
Thanks bud! :)   Yeah I never was one those people that asked what is the best of this or that.     Hook'em
  Summer classes?
So basically here is what I have gather until now through this thread and research.    Different drivers will give different sounds but it ultimately comes down to how it is tuned (so basically like car audio and boxes).    They are expensive universal fits that I might like better than the customs   Customs could be a disaster and never fit correctly or they can be the perfect match.    The number of the drivers in the headphones does NOT...
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