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Lefty for writing and rifles... Right handed for everything else.
Godspeed You Black Emperor! - Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven I adore the album and nothing comes close for me
Flashing Lights is fantastic, I'm not even a fan of the genre but even I can listen to that song
Quote: Originally Posted by oicdn a transvestite. Fixed I avoid the 'top 40' as much as possible, but I probably hate James Blunt the most.
Had to choose B because the picture is of my pair of RS-1's! Can't let them down now can I!? They've changed colour now though, definitely more of a darker tone. Another pic of how they used to be And the new darker tone
Set fire to flames - either album will do, both extremely dark with the odd hint of hope.
Quote: Originally Posted by PiccoloNamek FFXII isn't about the characters, it's about the world of Ivalice as a whole. And the plot was great. Each to their own
Its all about ICO and Shadow of the colossus. Beautiful games and something very different all most the ***** that seems to come out these days Mind you the MGS series is great especially 1 and 3. Final fantasy 12 is shocking, wheres the plot? And the character delevopment... did anyone like Vaan!? I couldn't give a funk about the characters in it compared to FFX, FF7 and FF8. I liked the hunts tho but that yazimat thing took ruddy ages to kill!
Godspeed You Black Emperor! in terms of creativity but I can't think of anyone who put out as much material as Floyd which was consistant... Says alot about how good they really are that no-one has topped them... mind you, if you put all the GYBE! albums and their side projects together I'd say IMO they'd top Floyd
Used to be () but Agaetis Byrjun has removed it from the top spot after hearing it on speakers. Not much of a fan of Von though and takk gets a bit dull at the end but I still like the last 3 albums alot
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