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Pretty sure they're the same specification wise (that is audio technica intended them to be the same)   But there might be some manafacturing differences as the LE version would be made with a different batch and the housing is obviously different.
Well I just listened to levels on my M50s and eargasmed, but needs moar bass!   Anyways as the title says anyone know IEMs which have a similar ATH house sound with the highs but moar bass compared to the M50s?   Thanksies!
Bump-de-dump. I wanna find out!
No bass? Strannnnge....   Especially at high volumes! I find the bass on the M50s comes out much more at higher volumes. They definitely aren't basshead phones, but they certainly do have a nice amount of bass.     Listen to this at high volumes. If you still think little/no bass something might be wrong with your pair and/or amp output impedence. If your source's output impedence is too high it can ruin the bass response of low impedence headphones (such as...
  Based on that guy's description of being very bass heavy and the design of the headphones (especially the bits around the hinges on the cups and the headband extender, as well as the circular cups) I would say... ATH-Pro700mk2? Though I have no clue! Someone tell me what it is! D:
LOL DJ RAVINE!   Sorry this is a bit out of topic, but how much hardstyle and/or EDM dance events is there in US.   I've seen DJ ravine IRL at one of those 'events'/raves and tbh I don't like his happy hardcore.
Based on specs I would say its largely a cosmestic upgrade from the A900 however with some very slight changes to the driver....   A900:   5-40,000Hz frequency response 40 ohm impedance 53mm driver with OFC voice coil 2,000mW max. input power Sensitivity: 101db   A900x:   Impedance: 42 Ohms Sensitivity: 100dB 53mm driver with OFC voice coil Frequency response: 5-40,000 Hz Sensitivity: 100dB   Theres a 2 ohm...
The way it generates soundstage is by angling the drivers at your jaw. Changing the soundstage will change the perception of other sounds. You can't just perfectly tweak something without affecting anything else!
Perhaps he's not used to the 'type of bass' or that whole s-logic thing. Or maybe the s-logic thing just isn't for him. I read somewhere that the ultrasone head commeted about s-logic and how its pretty dividing. People either like it or they don't
Maybe he just doesn't like em. Enjoyment of music, and hence our particular favourite sound signature is all subjective. Music, at the core, is subjective! Audio is subjective! Its all subjective!
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