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That's one serious looking op-amp! How much was it and is it readily available?
Much better.
Could you give a quick evaluation of these headphones?
Yes, as I said in my review, I definitely recommend the HA INFO. The op amps can purchased from eBay.If you buy it, give it at least 80 hours burn in to reach it's full potential.
Can you tell me what mods exactly your friend did to the unit? I would be really interested to know.
    The HA INFO U2 PLUS USB DAC and Headphone Amp:   The specs are impressive especially for the price £45 ($70):   TENOR TE7022L USB reciever chip TPA6120A2 Headphone amp chip AD1852 DAC Nichicon Muse caps Alps volume control.   The first thing I did on receiving the DAC was to change the op amp from the OPA2604 (not one of the best)  to OPA2107. I would encourage anyone who buys the DAC to change the op amp as soon as possible. I will try...
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