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isn't it chemically known that different elements / compounds react differently to electricity and etc...? So I believe different type of elements they used on cables should have different effects, although it maybe small difference. (to some it might be bigger difference) and of course some may have ears that can detect those small differences better than others. thats just my 2cents
Just received 4g fuze  refurb that I ordered for 20 usd.... (turned out its v2) after installing the rockbox, it sounds way better than stock with just little bit of bass boost... this little thing sounds better than my cowon d2 and its pretty damn close to my iphone 3g sound much better soundstage and bass impact than stock firmware This has been my best 20 bucks spent only thing I can complain is the battery life(maybe because its refurb?)
check out flac player app or buzz player... they both support flac somewhat, see if they fit your need
wow I love their pricing. would this quad sound close to ue11? I'm looking forward for reviews. =)
where is next canjam? and when is it? around summer time?
in my experience its ui is not perfect yet, and crashes often times... you will know when you get it and start using it.  ( im talking about buzz player classic, not flac player which might be much better ) I use buzz player "classic" because I have iphone 3g  which does not support other buzz player version if you have 3gs or newer. you might like Flac player from app store, I cant use it because it keeps crashing on my 3g if you Jailbreak, you can get both flac...
in my experience, iphone was and is best source for my shure 530... which iphone do you have? (well... except EQ... but I dont need it since I like sound from iphone + shure combo) I would get portable amp like arrow to pair with touch or iphone... iphone also has flac players from app store...(somewhat lacking still)   but if you need full flac support I guess cowons are good choice too...or something that can run rockbox but I really dig iphone 4 sound......
last time they had price mistake, they cancelled my order =/
Still better deal than ca tax rate
if you got some budget i would go custom reshell... i also saw something about adding additional drivers while doing it... but I wonder, if they are actually using drivers you send em... I mean what if they just use their own and say used yours..
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