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panny 900, klipsch custom 3 ?
no... line out is to skip built in amp... to use external amp which should be better than one inside... so line out has no volume control, instead uses amp's or some external device's volume control if you plan not to use any external device like amp... you dont need line out   I have cowon d2 , iphone, rockboxed fuze... value per dollar wise... fuze is superior... I paid 20 bucks for fuze 4gb and it sounds on par if not better than my d2 which I paid 150...
dedicated line out is output that bypasses builtin amp unlike headphone out. 
Yeah I just realized that was the logo lol... nice I haven't seen those metal tips from custom pictures before. very nice!
Oh wow, I love this hint of purple color in their shell... its very nice... Also, one of the people reply something about power button? what is that? and look at the tip, what are those?   http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=150922814941054&set=a.128535777179758.13921.128535227179813   I was looking at es5 but I'd better wait for some reviews before =) 500 bucks for quad is very very tempting
  Before I get more confused...I must ask dual woofers mean original bass woofer? they made those into two mid ? what happened to original 3rd driver? so two high and two lows are brand new from UM..?
If I didn't have experience with se530, i would have liked it more. but I just can't keep them in my ears, knowing that my se530 is not being used instead... =(   on my rockboxed fuze, hje900 sounds good but still se530 is my favorite it's very good value if you get one for 80 bucks
isn't it chemically known that different elements / compounds react differently to electricity and etc...? So I believe different type of elements they used on cables should have different effects, although it maybe small difference. (to some it might be bigger difference) and of course some may have ears that can detect those small differences better than others. thats just my 2cents
Just received 4g fuze  refurb that I ordered for 20 usd.... (turned out its v2) after installing the rockbox, it sounds way better than stock with just little bit of bass boost... this little thing sounds better than my cowon d2 and its pretty damn close to my iphone 3g sound much better soundstage and bass impact than stock firmware This has been my best 20 bucks spent only thing I can complain is the battery life(maybe because its refurb?)
check out flac player app or buzz player... they both support flac somewhat, see if they fit your need
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