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ordered one ><
thanks for info I am waiting on my arrow to arrive...hopefully it doesn't take too long =(
I'm interested in PK1 but was wondering if Fuze can drive this impedence monster Anyone has this combo setup?
I had 40ex for about 4 mins and packed it up and returned for full refund not only SQ was awful but overall fit / comfort was craptastic.
funny how I read comments on se535 vs w3 and I get this desire to try out um3x...
I don't feel the need of amp when I'm using fuze with se530, but I find volume is limited when used with my other headphones... I also tried E5 amp from my friend... but I didn't feel much difference from non amp setup. Now, only if Arrow amp would arrive... I might be able to recommend a nice amp for ya. =)
I cannot think of any decent budget players besides sansa family.
I hope j3/s9 is way better than d2  , I'm very disappointed with my d2 SQ. (Compared to iphone3g or even rockboxed fuze) Of course, if I only had d2 , I would not know this and be happy with it. =)
panny 900, klipsch custom 3 ?
no... line out is to skip built in amp... to use external amp which should be better than one inside... so line out has no volume control, instead uses amp's or some external device's volume control if you plan not to use any external device like amp... you dont need line out   I have cowon d2 , iphone, rockboxed fuze... value per dollar wise... fuze is superior... I paid 20 bucks for fuze 4gb and it sounds on par if not better than my d2 which I paid 150...
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