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tf10 is better discount i would say.
I like pies but i find headphones are sexy and its cheese cake the best. sexy pie is just wrong
compared to sony earbuds esp ex51, ex71 series, this one has very wide soundstage and details of subtle notes that you never ever noticed their existence before those alone will blow you away , however, sony's have those bloated mid bass that makes sound warm / fuzzy which I do enjoy time to time.  
you will probably trash them after getting this.
Im kind of worried if this has same SQ as the ones they sell at retail value or near that value.
I would , if I can
actually thats why i bought 2... so i can compare between custom shelled and original  And THEN I might sell inferior one , hopefully with profit LOL
ordered 2 , oh god, there goes my savings toward custom.
I dont have arrow with me now because im outside But from my memory, soundstage didnt change but it feels slightly less airy as its darker than unamped Because its darker, subtle notes tend to be clearer to notice like tiny light in dark stands out
i think first one was little unclear because it was silicone part ?
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