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I just received this and used it on fuze without an amp, oh boy sound is soooo tiny. is this meant to be used with amp? I mean it looks very portable and figured this would be like IEM. Even at maxed volume, sound is soooo weak. I have to look into returning this thing as I don't plan to use amp on the go for while. If anyone wants this for 30 bucks let me know.
maybe 1964 does refits
westone is pretty cheap if you dont want stock cable. haven't see cheaper than this  while keeping quality.
tf10 is better discount i would say.
I like pies but i find headphones are sexy and its cheese cake the best. sexy pie is just wrong
compared to sony earbuds esp ex51, ex71 series, this one has very wide soundstage and details of subtle notes that you never ever noticed their existence before those alone will blow you away , however, sony's have those bloated mid bass that makes sound warm / fuzzy which I do enjoy time to time.  
you will probably trash them after getting this.
Im kind of worried if this has same SQ as the ones they sell at retail value or near that value.
I would , if I can
actually thats why i bought 2... so i can compare between custom shelled and original  And THEN I might sell inferior one , hopefully with profit LOL
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