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why are you comparing this 90s looking device with samsung smartphone...?...?
wow , 3 of ciem damn haha which ones did you get? I am shopping for CIEM now and thought miracle as one of possible target
the stock cable of ex1000 is already super premium cable... lol...
are you all saying tf10 fits better than shure 530? what am i reading here lol.... btw tf10 is more V shape than 530 and i find 530 warmer, and tf10 separates instrument more than shure does and yes i do own them both
price will be around 600USD or around that, according to a source in japan
Does anyone know if this new smartphone is using wolfson DAC?
i thought iriver is a korean company... and yet this product news is not announced in korea?
I think you need to replace your iriver's battery and enjoy higher quality rip with trips.
A good amp does make sound different for sure, but in my case, I didn't like how it changed, I liked how my IEM sounded without amp. Of course this is personal preference and different amps will result different sound change. I am pretty sure now that I will spend money on custom IEM instead of amp, maybe amp is after I am done searching for custom IEM. So unless you have IEM / headphone that really needs volume boost, I would just save money.
you mean reshelling? ouch, 350 for that is too much considering you can buy triple drivers custom from 1964 now.   
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