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yeah i meant it that way, i am planning to buy something I can plug in my ears while I sleep and listening to some lullaby or something lol i like the idea of bottom exit cable from shell... i just wish it would be detachable as well... so back to my original question... what is the advantage of full sized shell over medium shell? better isolation?
if you choose flex option u can get 3 driver config in a medium shell... not sure if prices are different if you go that route though
awesome impression , could you kindly compare your twin flex micro with TF-10 , and if you have shure 530?
what is the advantage of full sized custom shells over medium sized? wouldn't people want smaller form factor for the reduced weight? i am very bothered by my tf-10's big shell and its over the ear style fit... wish there were more non-over-ear type cables... on customs...
my coworker loves his bose in ear because it is very ez to put on and off and sounds like his old dad's fm stereo radio I told him to try out my shure530 and tf10 , and he hated them both because the hassle to put on and how they isolate too much and how they sound too bright and thin compared to his boomy bose buds
Not working whatsoever, I also heard from other korean friends that they can't connect to 1964's website. Is there any 1964 employee here that can address this IP filtering issues to their Network team? =/
not connecting... must be filtering IPs....
i wish they do another xmas sale on miracle later this year as i am saving up for a pair of custom =D
I can't seem to connect to 1964 website.... are they filtering IPs from korea or something?
anyone heard both nt-6pro and UM miracle? I would like to hear the comparison between the 2 I was originally thinking to get miracle but after I read this review im leaning toward nt-6 since I am in Korea now =D
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