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just got my 3g, im really surprised by its volume output. it seems its more powerful than my d2 when I use it for my car with cassette adaptor. however it causes noticible distortions when i use bass boosting EQ. i just wish its more punchy without distortions. (using shure e4c) anyone want to buy my shiny red 4gb d2? (its like new)
Anyone heard about panasonic's new earphone that is going to be release in this June? It looks pretty interesting to me, any thoughts? Article linkPanasonic RP-HJE900 zirconia earphones - SlashGear
meizu m6 looks sleek, some say its SQ is also good. sony 616 looks good to me d2 looks too thick but has nice features
If you can't find enough opinions in this forum, try this site : iAudiophile.net Forums - Powered by vBulletin
sony ex51 or ex71 is ultra comfortable, i never had anything better than those in that department but its sound has some bloated bass, and not clear i guess definitely not good for classics.
I'm too in market for a pair and I'm leaning toward denon c700 or for earbud, yuin pk3 I love my old e4c...
I now have both D2 and 616 which I assume is same SQ as 818. I am using Shure e4c for headphone. Although, I have no idea how to calibrate EQ well, I have been playing around with EQ settings / BSEE / etc... on both units. So far, they both sound well but it seems D2's sound feel better in my head. D2 fills my head more (Does it mean soundstage?) Sony's sound is concentrated near ears while D2 is just spreading around my head. (is there way to set sony wide like...
cowon d2 manual says either 5000 files or 500 directories are the limit. Now, if that is with SD card or just internal memory, I am not sure. d2 has some nice features but UI cannot compare to Iphone/Ipod.
Looking for a pair of earbud or maybe IEM that has little isolation to use at work. I need to be able to hear so I can pick up phone calls and such. My e4c sounds fantastic but I can't hear anything from outside. It seems like pk3 is popular here, how about denon c700? Does anyone have both? I'd like to know which one is more cofortable and less isolatated. I know they both sound well from reading posts but which one is better? I assume denon because of its higher...
How does livewire compare to se530? better yet to e4c if you have any experience with em.
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