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Yes i will be visiting one of the retailer this Sunday to hear the demo version of nt-6 / pro hopefully custom's SQ blows away my tf10 , shure530
I'd like to hear some comparisons to other popular Customs...
i assume you have the full sized shell? would you think if you had full sized + straight down cable it would be comfortable enough to use on the bed?   i dont mind about microphonics as i dont usually jog / run / move around while listening I also dont mind about isolation as well.   comfort(meaning i forget about them being in the ear / can even lay down on pillow) is the top priority for my next purchase other than sound quality of course
as much as I love tf-10... i hate its style / fit / whatever other than its sound
really? where i do look up?
understandable, i just did a config for medium shell , triple hybrid, premium cable exit top , extra premium white cable , recessed socket ( trying to reduce all the size/weight) total came out as 381.45 usd... very tempting ... better value than comparable universal IEM....
I paid over 400usd for shure530... and like 300usd for tf-10 this 3 driver custom under 400usd is very tempting... although I do want those 1000+usd customs with so many drivers too ... argh...
yeah i meant it that way, i am planning to buy something I can plug in my ears while I sleep and listening to some lullaby or something lol i like the idea of bottom exit cable from shell... i just wish it would be detachable as well... so back to my original question... what is the advantage of full sized shell over medium shell? better isolation?
if you choose flex option u can get 3 driver config in a medium shell... not sure if prices are different if you go that route though
awesome impression , could you kindly compare your twin flex micro with TF-10 , and if you have shure 530?
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