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really.. monoprice? how does it compare to multi hundred dollar MTPG ? ...haha i should order one
i agree the casing paint chips off starting from the edge, and I wish it was detachable cable like tf10
Mine was like 8 years ago when I first spent money to buy non-bundled earphone... I bought shure e4c and when i first plugged in... wow.... the detail , clear/smooth mid... sparkling high (of course compared to previous bundled earphone which i don't remember what brand) I miss my e4c... it must in a box somewhere in the storage... anyway it was bigger wow than when i bought my tf-10 / shure530
Yes i will be visiting one of the retailer this Sunday to hear the demo version of nt-6 / pro hopefully custom's SQ blows away my tf10 , shure530
I'd like to hear some comparisons to other popular Customs...
i assume you have the full sized shell? would you think if you had full sized + straight down cable it would be comfortable enough to use on the bed?   i dont mind about microphonics as i dont usually jog / run / move around while listening I also dont mind about isolation as well.   comfort(meaning i forget about them being in the ear / can even lay down on pillow) is the top priority for my next purchase other than sound quality of course
as much as I love tf-10... i hate its style / fit / whatever other than its sound
really? where i do look up?
understandable, i just did a config for medium shell , triple hybrid, premium cable exit top , extra premium white cable , recessed socket ( trying to reduce all the size/weight) total came out as 381.45 usd... very tempting ... better value than comparable universal IEM....
I paid over 400usd for shure530... and like 300usd for tf-10 this 3 driver custom under 400usd is very tempting... although I do want those 1000+usd customs with so many drivers too ... argh...
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