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one of the developer mentions he likes flat SQ headphones and that player fits "him" well with Dt1350 , senn hd25-1 II, shure srh840, se425
just checked out some info from   neat looking curious how it will perform against some of the hifi players out now
maybe tf10 if you can get it cheap
wow... wish I could listen to all these customs someday haha
they don't ship to korea , sigh
really.. monoprice? how does it compare to multi hundred dollar MTPG ? ...haha i should order one
i agree the casing paint chips off starting from the edge, and I wish it was detachable cable like tf10
Mine was like 8 years ago when I first spent money to buy non-bundled earphone... I bought shure e4c and when i first plugged in... wow.... the detail , clear/smooth mid... sparkling high (of course compared to previous bundled earphone which i don't remember what brand) I miss my e4c... it must in a box somewhere in the storage... anyway it was bigger wow than when i bought my tf-10 / shure530
Yes i will be visiting one of the retailer this Sunday to hear the demo version of nt-6 / pro hopefully custom's SQ blows away my tf10 , shure530
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