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Just got Korean note4 bronze gold(Exynos oh yes!) Initial impression is good, I will be comparing it with iphone 6 plus tomorrow
My very first non-OEM IEM was Shure e4c...   Is this SE215 the newer version of e4c? or is it totally different IEM?
I suppose no one has heard both "universal" & custom version of roxxane? I always thought about getting me a pair of custom IEM but thinking that I can't share such eargasm with anyone else but me is keep me away from customs ... and i've had TF10, shure 530 for too many years now... time for an upgrade. a best one at it. haha
is it just me or this thing is ugly as hell? maybe im on the wrong planet
Or just get LG G2, I am happy with it, amazing size not too big   sounds great and 24bit support if you ever need it.
xingplayer is my favorite although free version has ads....
Just bought my G2 in black (korea), and yes it has micro SD slot =) I am yet to compare the quality of sound with other players.
good that you already have tf10, you can do a comparison for me
.... there are always a premium alternative in any products and they all have buyers for them.
he said bass gives him headache heh
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