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Hi,   I haven't been back here in some time, and am far from what I consider to be an expert. However I thought your post could use a little direction, and I hope to answer your question.   Typical over-ear headphones often can have a great deal of value considering the price/performance ratio. But if being driven by an iPod (or similar), care should be taken to choose something that can be easily driven by the portable of your choice. If willing to invest in a...
OH, and DIY electrostatics can be done. Just be careful of the voltages involved , although in a headphone it's unlikely that if things go wrong that you electrocute yourself. In this regard I wouldn't actually suggest you make any, go buy 'em :)
here you go:   http://www.avlex.com/contact.html   click on the US map, closest to where you live (if in the US), else look at international dealers I did a review for Affordable$$Audio on both the 688 and 681 headphones. The 688 are more neutral of the two. Different than my V-7s though equally as good.
all in one solution (for movies too), you install a laptop hard drive and their you go. Perhaps the only thing to use after the iPod Classics go the way of the dinosaurs.
not sure why....many folks will view, but not comment. I'm no headphone guru, but Grado headphones have been well reviewed for several years and are a safe bet. Particularly if you stay with the SR-60 or SR-80 types. They can be moded to sound better or be more comfortable (or both).
I do know B&W (as in that B&W of Matrix 801 and Nautilus and ...fame)... these folks are/have been at or near the pinnacle of loudspeakers design for what seems to be centuries.... Most everything they do, they do (as a minimum) very well. Interesting to see what kind of price point they hit. I can also tell you that the "B&W family sound" is more on the cold and dark sounding side of things. Some folks love 'em and some don't...but none suggest they are poorly made...
what type? look at wikipedia on headphones I'm new to better headphones as well. I'm assuming you are after some sort of IEMs There are many, but the Nuforce NE-7m (basically the NE-6 with iPhone compatibility) seem to be well reviewed here and various other places. The NE-8 is as well, but it has some fit problems. If they fit your ears, then a good solid buy (just slightly over your stated budget). Also look at the Skull Candy FMJs or Titans (they get a bad rap here,...
As far as comfort goes, do the Grado "bend". Apparently helps reduce pressure on the ears, at a better angle...previously promoted by HeadRoom
well reviewed Cambridge 640P is available all over the internet. Only thing else decent would be a Rega mini, etc... or some kind of used piece, or custom build one.
once I get some initial "newbie" stuff sorted out, I'll put up a list. I do have a considerable turntable collection, (sorry no DJ type stuff), and a few cd players (home types). Just getting into this. Have Sony MDR-7V , Senn MX160, and a couple of other non-descripts. Anyone know how to import music from my iMac to the Sansa clip? I tried, but it didn't copy over the files. The Shure Mx97E is a good budget cartridge. Too bad Shure has stopped their V15...
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