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Actually i don't want to watch movies , play games , use internet or social media , calender , voice recoder or some silly things like that in my mp3 player.I just need a best sound quality.
I've heard somethings about it.Well , What are the other hisound products ? Rocoo BA and Rocoo P ? Because i have an audiophile headphones too.They seem cool !
What mp3 player do you suggest for Sennheiser IE80 ?  
The most popular devices are S9 and J3 i guess and these two devices don't have to much difference. I have a portable amp , but i don't prefer to use it.So i can use it even if it's bulk.I just want a nice sound quality anymore.  
Hello  I want to buy a Cowon mp3 player but i can't decide. I just want to listen to music not watch videos.So i want the best audio quality. I need the best audio quality.Price is not an important factor.You can suggest me other brands except Cowon. I wonder that what is the different between Jet Effect 3.0 or 5.0 , BBE ?  I have an audiophile headphones which is Sennheiser HD 598 and a portable earphones Sennheiser IE80 I am looking for a mp3 player for...
I have Sennheiser IE80 and Sennheiser HD 598 ,  I want to buy a Cowon J3 Do you think these are a good set with J3 ? I am looking for a good mp3 player I don't care the harddrive space and photos , videos or some silly property , I just need a very good sound quality maybe little design..
Hi everbody ! I searched a lot of gaming headset.But could'nt decide.I want to play some fps games , i mean talking with my friends during the game.I have min. 200 - 500 $. I added some gaming headsets to my list.They are Sennheiser PC360 , PC 333D and PC 163D I have a good soundcard on my pc.There is a usb soundcard with PC 333D and PC 163D , Is it silly to buying a headset with usb soundcard to your PC with a good soundcard.I think PC 333D and PC 163D , they...
New Posts  All Forums: