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You need a very open sounding (open headphones or DX000 Denons or AKG K550's) with angled drivers (like the Denon DX000 pads or Ultrasone and even Bose drivers are like this) to simulate sitting in front of 2 speakers and not having one speaker directly to your right and another directly 2 your left.   Someone else will have to chime in on which Sennheisers are like this otherwise I know the Denon D2000, 5000 and 7000's do this but while they sounds very open they still...
I had the 215's (lost them after I got the 535's :[ ) and got the SE535's for $350 on blackfriday from earphonesolutions but they aren't really much more detailed and they still have the rolled off highs but also less bass than the 215's but the bass is more detailed they also sound more spacious, like to the point that it is blatantly obvious and feels like walking into a concert hall while hearing the overhead speaker play whats going on in the hall for people to hear...
KRK rokit 8's pound haha   the best speakers I have are my Wharfdale diamond 10.2's
There closed but I would go with the Shure SRH840's or the AT ATH-M50's   or UE6000's or AKG550's
id say $200, for some reason the X10's are super cheap and the X10i's are always at MSRP or maybe $299, I do wonder if anything changed with the X11's
Yes, infact I did lol, the problem with the celebrity headphones is they are all looks and advertising if you want $20 sonyheaphones with BASS and a fancy necklass to wear they are great but that is about it and the 50cent and ludacris cans are just to cash in on the Beat's market.   I think the extra bass on the M100's will suit him better
The.........V.........Mode M80! lol althought with that said I would try the M100's I think you will like them coming from the Turbines. If you want something a lot "better" in terms of fidelity than the M100's I would go with something like the Sony MDR-1R (no iControls that I remember) or the Sennheiser Momentums (iControls) both are slightly bass heavy but wont have the punch or impact your use to but will have great fidelity. Both have removable cables.
Sol Tracks are muddy, the on ear 50 SMS or Soul's (dont remember which rapper it was) were said to be pretty good.   I'd say get Klipsch Image ONE's or V-Moda M80/M100's and an amp with a bass boost, or maybe the Sony XB line but I don't really like them.
Get the M100's then go to bestbuy magnolia, they have K550's, Momentums and D600's  
I'd say K550 but if you want HD800 like detail yeah TH-900  or Beyer T1's
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