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Made my friend get the new E series and it had like have as much and he was disappointed that I hyped it up and returned it. I have a S series and it went from 0-3 and 2 was pretty big bass 3 was strait crazy. Fiio's 2-10 just gets muddy by 6, it ups to much mid-bass and not enough 40-80hz punch.   So many more headphones can be basshead headphones/happy happy fun time with a bass boost.   PS iPod and Galaxy Phone eq's make every thing sound horrid.
I did mention that if he was foreign my comment wasn't meant for that, I just see a lot of post from young pre teens like "i got beat do but my bro say skullcandy were better what i doooo guys?" and nobody ever comments on it cuz they think the person is a retard and the OP bumped the thread with no comments and I was just letting him know that if people can't understand the post they don't give advice. And how much are you looking at spending? The momentum on ears have...
Any ideas? Like M80 ish or M100ish or DT770 Pro ish?
 meh lol
If you want smaller and more bass but the regulars were $300 for a while and will probably be below that on black friday
"Pioneer starts with audiophile-grade components — components like a set of three Burr-Brown® 24-bit D/A converters, one each for the lows, mids, and highs, along with beefy, high-capacitance power supply capacitors that keep your sound clean and focused even when you push your system. A 4-layer circuit board design reduces internal noise by shielding vulnerable components with copper foil."   "The DEH-80PRS utilizes a 28-bit binary floating-point digital signal...
yeah even my $200 apline b(CDE 123 i think) bypasses my iPods DAC and has a dual burbrown the 80PRS has some crazy quad dac floating point over sampling thingy haha
Get a deck that bypasses the "i" DAC, lost of companies make these, I suggest the Pioneer 80PRS, amp is redundant.
I say Sennheiser momentums or V-moda M100's right out of the headphone jack
While the Denons are big they are pretty light   I'd say Sennheiser momentums on a blackfriday special, or momentum on ears if you want bass heavy, the grado SR80i or SR225i's would be good if you want open or the Sennheiser HS558 or 598's
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