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GR07 BE? At least he will have good music to enjoy :)   I say Arrow or Fiio E17, or E11 sense the USB DAC probably isn't needed, or the sound magic A10, I basso makes some around that size to. Lots of the newer ones are shooting for a more smart phone size.
Really? I thought they had pretty nice punchy bass compared to some Sennheisers and Shure's that have like no bass at all.
+1 or Grado's, anything foam and open, not leather.
Well I don't feel so bad, I have bought R6's and and XBA-H1's in a week even tho I own SE535's
So I wasn't aware of what the Sony XBA-H1 were. I was going to say something about them probably not being available but behold best buy has them and on sale for $95. I had to get a pair, a hybrid BA/Dynamic fir $95... never thought I'd see the day I'd be buying something like that at best buy haha.   First Impressions I have to say they sound like the S4's, really harsh and they really don't have THAT much bass. This is the issue I'm having, even UBER XTRA! BASS BOOM!...
Yeah I'm well aware of needing some form of EQ boost, I just don't know where to get it from. As I said Fiios's just isn't doing it for me, on the E6 it's either a little boost or this muddy far away sounding cutting the mids and highs to get the illusion of more bass affect and on my E17 it just sounds bad above 4, I usually have my E17 on 2 when listening to my SE535's or other headphones just to give a little more low end but it isn't anything compared to what I've...
So the first pair of headphones I owned were Skullcandy skull crushers and Klipsch Image S4's and then the Image ONE's lol I laugh now at the skull crushers but I had the klipsches run off of a Sony S series walkman and the "clear bass" bass boost, man, on 1 was like normal, but 2 was like a crazy bass boost and 3 was like death by bass. I could feel the S4's housing actually moving in and out of my ears with the bass hits and the ONE's were crazy to, I think they sound...
Way better than the S4's but I see you already got a pair WTF are you on?  The 215's are a little lacking in the highs but other than that probably the best $200 or less dynamics out there, most detailed in the mids by far too. They do take awhile to fit right, the iPod or Fiio cable is better than the stock cable. S4's bass is loser and boomier but I think about the same level so the R6's sound like they have a little less bass but not really. Ummm thats when you buy...
cool so no answer
Made my friend get the new E series and it had like have as much and he was disappointed that I hyped it up and returned it. I have a S series and it went from 0-3 and 2 was pretty big bass 3 was strait crazy. Fiio's 2-10 just gets muddy by 6, it ups to much mid-bass and not enough 40-80hz punch.   So many more headphones can be basshead headphones/happy happy fun time with a bass boost.   PS iPod and Galaxy Phone eq's make every thing sound horrid.
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