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GR07 MKII or BE? Shure SE425's or westone 2/4's
M100, or the Philips  
I'd say the UE4000's or Sony MRD v6 or V-Moda M80's for just over $100
not bad, lost of people only have apple buds lol
Shure 840's if you want a closed monitoring headphone, I'f you wanna jump all the way to the HD600's and have an open pair they are very good
I think the Sol republics are very dark and muddy and bassy. V-Moda M80's can be had for $130-$140   UE4000's   only $38 actually from amazon  
M50s or 840's   "Funner" sounding headphone would be UE600's, V-Moda M80, Senheiser HD25-1's or even the Amperiors can be found for just OVER $200.
  The headphone are more important than the amp when on a budget Grado's, HD558 or 598's The DAC makes more of a difference in the sound but not if you have 80 or 250ohm headphones that flat out need an amp, then you need the power either way.   If you get beyer's you will need something like the Fiio E17 or E07k to power them from a laptop or portable.   Is this going to be purely for your desk top? Look at the Fiio E10 or E07k and E09 combo.   Honestly if I were you...
All EQ apps have to play music from them that I know of I'd go with the Z02 if bass is really important or a Sony player like I said, and I don't like that the E06 wont do USB audio. The E06 (I own) has 2 bass boost, a little boost and holy mid and high reducing muddy mess. Something like the the E07k or the E17 have 5 way up or down bass and treble boost's but they get a little muddy on the 4 and 5 setting's but better than the E06. For you though I think the Z02 would...
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