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What do you guys think? With an audiology appointment the JH5's would be about the same but can the 2 drivers keep up or will the others sound better?
So the iphone 3Gs doesn't even put out anything below 50hz according to that wtf???   No I don't need that much capacity, 160GB would be fine but I don't like ipods EQ and not enough money to buy a ipod+DAC+amp with EQ. I love the "CLEAR BASS" on my sony S-series and its 5 band EQ is good (would like a 7 or 9) but i don't like ipod/itunes EQ but I want an ipod for my car and because there are so many options like lineout DAC's and amps that I will get eventually but...
OK thanks I'm probably going to go with a 64GB touch. So which one? Should I try both?   Quote: Yeah I KNOW! I can even make it sound good with custom settings on my computer, I usually fiddle with EQ all the time weather its a 3 band in a car a 5 band graphic or a parametric but the iTunes one doesn't work for me what ever I do deviating from flat/off sound awful.
Is there an equalizer app that would override the ipods eq?
Also the Nano and HiFi-Man stuff doesn't play videos which I would like but I should say I hate the iPod/iTunes EQ, it makes every thing sound like crap and idk why (it looks like a nice 10 band eq), but if I was using an external DAC it wouldn't madder but whenever I wasn't using one it would.
Right now I have a Sony-S series cuz it was 16GB and I got it for $80 and they are said to have better SQ than Ipods but its program for getting media on it is kinda screwy any way I have also always wanted an Ipod nano and now that I have a Stereo in my car to connect an ipod to that also bypasses the Ipods DAC I really want one and companies are starting to make portable ipod DAC's I want to break down and buy one but if I am going to be running it through that high of...
Can the X10's put out as much bass as the S4's?
Has anyone heard the X10's?
Thats what I have narrowed it down to. I like it on the bass heavy side but with good trebel detail too, I don't like a lot of roll of on either end.
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