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Yeah the beats Pro's aren't that bad but the Solos are awful. You could also look at the B&W P5's but I liked the Image ONE's better and there half the price.
Open or closed? Closed for traveling? Id say HD598's, HE-400's, Denon D-2000 or 5000'd? but I like my bass haha.
Klipsch Image ONE fits the bill, lots of extra punch semi one noted bass, also the DT-770 pro 80 but there kinda big but light.   Solo's are awful, Mixrs are a little better...   If you like the M80's you could try the Crossfade LP's? but there big and heavy.  
How much can you spend?   Forget the M30's and 40's go for the M50's there is also the Shure SRH-840's for $200 or less some places and the KRK 6400's and 8400's. I think those 3 are better than the 280's or 380's there kinda hollow sounding like listening threw a guitar amp.   I like the DT-770's but the Pro 80ohm would be to bass heavy for studio stuff you could get the Denon D-2000's if you wanted every one else to be enviouse (besides the rapper cans croud)...
I wear my DT-770's and people ask me if there from a Vietnam or a WWII bomber plane :)  
M50's or Shure SRH-840's
Find $30 more and get the Shure SE215's from earphonesolutions with the %15 off they will be around $85 I think? Great isolation, great sound and a little extra bass.  
SHURE SE215's! get them from earphonesolutions with the %15 off they will be about $85 (not under 80 but just do it haha) they have a 2 year warrenty if they do ever break.
Forget the E7. If you will use a DAC get the E17 it also has 5 levels of bass AND TREBEL boost/cut.   If your never going to use it as a DAC for your computer get the E11 it is a slightly better amp than the E17 but has no DAC only 2 levels of BASS boost (no cut) and it cant be used while charging.   That last con and the exstra EQ is why I got the E17 over the E11
Yeah the Denon D's are great but have pretty much no isolation, if open cans are 0 from 0-10 then the D-X000's are 1.   The 580's are good what about the Maudio Q40's? then 580's are probably better but its another option oh and the audio tecnica mkII's? forget the full name
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