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Yeah the Denon D's are great but have pretty much no isolation, if open cans are 0 from 0-10 then the D-X000's are 1.   The 580's are good what about the Maudio Q40's? then 580's are probably better but its another option oh and the audio tecnica mkII's? forget the full name
Yeah I mean I think the Fiio E17 would be good for him, and he could use the dac on his comp, but they were talking like algo labs solo/Fostex HP/P1 IMO that would be a waste, they cost as much as the headphones.
Woo woooooooo wooooooo Just stick with an amp. Getting a portable DAC for beats pros is ridiculous.   Fiio E11, E17 iBasso JDS Labs
The 940's are pretty detailed and treble forword idk if the Grados will be much better.   But I am wondering the same thing, my best headphones are Denon D5K's but I have always wanted Grados. Every one loves the SR80's but would the 125 or 225's be better or do I need to spend over $500 to make a difference?
You will love the 2k's or 5k's the only thing is that they don't block out any noise at all compared to the 770's  
Yeah CD's are WAV (correct me if I am wrong) UNcompressed files, FLAC and Apple lossless are lossless compresion it will make the file about %40 smaller 50MB to about 30MB, but sound just like the CD. MP3 compresses it way more down, about 10x smaller to about 5MB depending on bitrate but takes away information that the designers thought most people can't hear. Honestly every one has there own opinions but I think 192 is a lot better than 128, and you gain a little from...
Denons all the way. I actually have a new pair I don't want as I got the 5000's too
Honestly I don't know anything about the amp but If it has a 1/4" jack then yes it will work you don't need a "headphone amp" to power headphones  
Honestly the actually head phone wont be a big deal if there not to concerned with audio quality but It would be nice for them to have something decent. The main thing would be how are you going to hook it up? Does the TV have a 1/4" or Mini jack audio out? If not you will have to get creative with cable adapters or have some sort of receiver.
DT770 Pro 80 ohm? Does better with an amp but not needed. Id say the Denon D-2000's but there to much. Could also Look at the Klipsch Image ONE's.  
New Posts  All Forums: