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So I was going to get the 2k's and 5k's to compare but should I just get the 7k's? Do they have the same amount of bass as the others? Usually the higher up you go the more neutral/analytic stuff gets.   Is that a reputable site?  
I think ts funny that the DT 770's still run with these other headphones including there replacement at 2x the price.   Do the K550's have good quality and a fair amount off bass? I might just get them and find out for myself.   Also where should I get these? I was planning on getting them from headroom because I know there ok with sending cans back but the Denons can be found for about 40% less else where, and close to %40 off by a quick search on amazon. I...
    Really? I thought only the M-version didn't have the ports? I was planning on the 250 + amp but I guess il want the 80 ohm, I'm looking for more bass.
    Hmm kinda sucks why do the D5000's isolate less than the 2k's or 7ks? I'm looking at open headphones too but I need a pair of closed.   Have you heard the K550's? Being relatively new idk where they stand. Should I pick up a set of DT770's before there gone or get the T70's?   Are the Denon AH-NC800's any good or does the ANC mess every thing up?
Well I got my tax return and I'm determined to get a good pair of cans between $300 and $700. I have decided I'm going to get multiple pair and decide for my self what I like sense there are so many varying opinions. I'm looking for something with a generally flat response but I like my bass. I would like to find something that sounds similar to my KRK rokit 8 monitors. They are really the only thing I have listened to that can do tight, punchy and controlled kick drums...
Is there such thing? My Shure SE215's were a big step up from my S4's for not much more money and I was wondering if I could go further that direction without loosing the bass. I actually like the bass of the S4's better but it is a little boomy, but the SE215's bass is a lot more accurate but almost to tight and controlled on techno and 808 stuff.
I have thought about that but it looked like you had to load the songs into the app or something do you have to do that or is it pretty easy to use?   Is FLAC better or a smaller file size than Apple Loss less?
So I have never had an iPod I always thought they were to expensive. I had a Sansa for years and it died on me and I really wanted a 5th gen nano but when they went to a 6th gen I got a Sony-S series instead which I just lost.   Now I liked the Sansa and its 5band EQ and I really liked the 5band EQ on the Sony and I love the "clear bass" bass boost but I absolute hate the iPod, iTunes EQ and the EQ on my blackberry which is the same. Its awful it makes every thing...
Does anyone besides Bose make decent non-isolating earphones?
He said he got it from AMAZON, clicked add to cart from that link.
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