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You mean 32? What do you mean the 600's were finicky? anything besides not going loud without enough power? What about the 250's? I'm thinking they would be a nice in between point. And why don't you own any of them any more? What did you replace them with? I KNOW! THE E17 is great! Why do you prefer the 880's? Also the difference between the pro and premium is just the clamping force right?
Well I was wondering about the MarkL/lawton audio mod specifically.   Also there wood cups and cord I just don't see the point on the 5 and 7's already having wood cups and a good cord.
Well I picked up a set of DT770 Pro 80ohm and I love them, my Denon's are better sound quality wise but the 770's have way better isolation and I love the velour pads but anyway. I thought that the 770's were like entry level then the 880's then the 990's were top, but there not really priced that way there really just 3 different varietys, closed, semi and open. I have heard a lot of good things from both and I am wondering which to get? I like bass and IIR all 3 have...
Even if there not mine I would say that that is the next logical step if you can spend up to $350 but it sucks that they were discontinued and thus prices have gone up.   With the D2000's being over $300 I would say the 550's are probably better head phones and I would suggest them if you would have come from less bass heavy cans like the 280HD PRO or something.
I think he should try to nab a pair of D2000's  
Check out this guys thread   At $130 you stuck right in between $100 cans like the SRH-440's, KRK 6400 and the 280HD PRO's and >$150 cans like the M50's, KRK 8400, SRH-840's, DT-770's and other good cans. My suggestion is to find $20 or $30 more bucks and find a deal on one of the $150-$200...
Weird? Anyone else tried a pair? I wanted the 2000's but I have waited because of these
So I have a pair of Denon D5000's right now and there my favorite headphones I only got them about a 3 months ago and I wanted the 7000's but it comes with a 1/4" jack which was kind of a negative sense its way easier to put on 1/4" adapter on a mini than to put a mini on a 1/4" and the main reason they were discontinued and not avalable anywhere that I could find for less than $700 and I got the 5K's for under $400 so I thought I got a good deal besides not having the...
Both would be good but the 550's will have less bass and the 880's are semi open but both should sound "better" to you.   Id also recomend the Shure SRH-840 or 940's. Not even a year ago I think most people would have said the D2000's.
LNIB got these and the 5000's and I'm keeping the 5's and selling these.   Comes with box. The box is smooshed on one corner a little but other wise perfect and the only "defect" on the head phones is a little sorta kink in the cord that I tried to show in the pics, it came this way out of the box.   Price includes shipping with tracking to US or tracking an insurance to Canada with the extra $10 stated above.
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