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The ANC is great but they have a weird sculpted sound and not as much detail as others. Id try the Sennheisers and the Denon NC800 and see if you really preffer Bose.
I love my DT 770's. The SRH 840's are more neutral but then you lose the DT 770 80's comfy pads and the amazing bass.  
SAME BOAT! and I own the DT 770 Pro 80's and the SRH840's. The DT 770's isolate more in the mids and lower treble, but I also wish I had the 770M's there a little less bassy and have a little less frequency extension but apparently isolate more.   For IEM's Shure or Eytmotic.
WARM? LUSH? Deff jump on the D5000K's   If it matters I like my DT 770 80's more than my SRH840's
Idk why people are suggesting the D2k they don't isolate very well at all. Don't your HDJ-2000's isolate pretty well?   I would look at either the DT 770M or the HD 25-1-II or the DT 1350.
Gosh maybe the Pioneer HDJ series or the sony XB? The ones MalveauX listen aren't designer and while fairly bassy aren't over the top. I will second the DT 770 pro 80ohm's but there pretty ugly honestly.   Maybe the V-moda crossfade LP's? I'm trying to think of something flashy...
Can you get them at best buy O.o? I want these but I need to know that these isolate better than the DT 770's or SRH-840's or more/sound better than the others I wanted to get.  
Where? I want some for $150. I was thinking about these the DT 1350's, the HD 25-1-II or the ATH-ESW9A. Looking for good isolation
Looking to run from an iPod (only thing I know that wont be double amped) and power DT 770's, DT 1350's, IEM's, K550's AH-D5000's,, HE-400's, maybe the pioneer DJ-2000's or Audio-Technica ATH-ESW9A stuff like that, what ever I wind up getting.   I would like it to not have a lager footprint that a iPod Classic/Touch. I want it to have an EQ because I hate apples and it should be able to get me through 10-12 hours of listening or more. I don't really car about...
I'm sure the 2000's will have more detail and clarity. I'm wondering how the isolation will compare.  
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