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No IEM's are fine they just start to hurt my ears after about 6 houres with my safety glasses on, I need to use my right hand to adjust my right ear and left hand for left where with over ears I could just use one hand and I cant hear as much detail as I would like. I was considering getting the QC15's but they were not on sale when every other Bose headphone was so I never pulled the trigger.
See thats what I mean I know the sound signature of the TF10's but when it comes to the turbines its like there either crap or the best thing ever. How am I saposta know without listening to all of them? And the 215's are totally different inside the 3, 4 and 5's are all BA's the 215's are Dynamic's with extra bass.
Well the VicFirth headphone I tried on seemed close to my S4's but I couldn't try out the SQ cuz I didn't have my player on me. I would try Etymotics but I'm looking for over ears and I'm not looking for an analytic sound signature. So the 280's are really that good?  
Well I'm planning on getting a $400-$500IEM but I realized I don't really wanna take those to work and on the go every day and I probably wont be able to appreciate them because of the background noise plus I would like iPod control so I can pause it quick to talk to people which narrows my options. I want good isolation, detail and good mildly accentuated bass but with good treble extension too, it doesn't have to be boosted like the TF10's but I want it to be there not...
Don't beat ur self up the Titans aren't that bad way better than all the Skullcandys that are cheaper. If ur set on Etymotic I would spend the extra money and get the HF series but both will have WAY less bass that your Titans but WAY better mids and highs.
I'm looking for some cans with really really good (IEM level or more) of sound Isolation. I work over a loud machine at work and I am currently using my Image S4's but I want something with more isolation and I would prefer a full sized cans with a single sided cable as my work keeps catching right in the y of the cable.   I have heard the Sennheiser 280HD Pro's Isolate well but IDK if they would be enough they will need to isolate better than my SRH840's. I have...
I really like my Shure SRH840's but I haven't had experience with any of the others. The 840's are $200 but I got them on sale at guitar center for $170 and I have seen them at other places on sale.
I was going to suggest the 598's but I see you want closed headphones. Id highly recommend the Shure SRH840's the only thing hindering portability is the long thick coiled cord but its replaceable, but I'm not sure if Shure makes a strait one, and the exposed wire to each ear cup (sig-pic) is a little weird but I haven't had problems with it.     P.S. Where are you able to try all these out before buying them?
Dude there not going to replace then If you put them through the wash...
Are the Shure SE215 and 315's single BA's? I'm confused on the packaging it says the 215's only go to 17.5kHz but here there graph goes higher than even the 535's
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