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Where? I want some for $150. I was thinking about these the DT 1350's, the HD 25-1-II or the ATH-ESW9A. Looking for good isolation
Looking to run from an iPod (only thing I know that wont be double amped) and power DT 770's, DT 1350's, IEM's, K550's AH-D5000's,, HE-400's, maybe the pioneer DJ-2000's or Audio-Technica ATH-ESW9A stuff like that, what ever I wind up getting.   I would like it to not have a lager footprint that a iPod Classic/Touch. I want it to have an EQ because I hate apples and it should be able to get me through 10-12 hours of listening or more. I don't really car about...
I'm sure the 2000's will have more detail and clarity. I'm wondering how the isolation will compare.  
Well idk under $200... the AKG's are $300. I was going to say HE-400's but there $350-$400
    It should   Can anything other than iPods or audiophile players like the hifi man be used with an amp without double amping?
Just scored the DT 770's for $150 plus a gift card I had. I really wanted to get these because there talked about a lot and being discontinued. The bass is ridiculous but the bass addict in me wants more now haha, I'm going to die, skull crushed by bass.   Other than that I have decided I am going to get the D2k and the D5k and compare them and keep the one I like better. I would love the D7k's but I don't have enough money to get all 3 or even the D5k's and D7k's to...
I could tell from the shaker or what ever is in the left channel. It sounded like it cut off abruptly on the lower quality file.  
Get the 5k's and be happy?  
Now this thread just confused me haha   Also I have read that the D2000's have more bass than the others is that true on not really?
Guitar center online has the DT 770 80's for $169.XX
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