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M-audo Q40 or Creative Aurvana Live!?
I mean "headphones" in the title, his big problem is durability, his image ones are falling apart and he has them blown. He uses a Sony Walkman with the bass boost all the way up.   Also I'm having a problem finding hi-fi headphones that have a lot of bass, headphones with not much bass don't respond well to bass boost where bloated bass heavy phones respond very well to bass EQ.   The Image One's have a ton of bass are cheaper than beats and have tolerable hi's and mids...
What about Fischer?
If you don't like a lot of bass the JH13's would be better than the 16's
Thinking about the GR07 Bass Edition?
So nobody knows where the best legit place to get these is?
So I've been reading reviews and have come across a lot of there under $100 great headphones but where the heck do you buy them in the US? If there not on amazon or Ebay they are like non-existent?
The only ones I can think of are the 215 blue's and the Turbine Pro's, I had the regular Turbines and they didn't do it for me.   Here's IjokersI review of the sound of the 215's, and I would agree completely. Sound (7.8/10) – Up until a recent month-long trial of the SE530 and SE535, my experience with Shure’s earphones was limited to the old SE115, E3, and E4C models, every single of one of which failed to impress when the time came to gauge sound quality against...
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