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ohh E11, you can use it as an amp with your laptop just not a DAC because it is only an amp, if you went with the E11 id suggest a usb LOD.
Up! I'm down
I have a E17 and thats it right now, I'm looking for a desk top amp preferable tube but I like bass impact too but either way it will be something interesting I will enjoy. Basically if I go SS I want it to be clean and have good impact, a tube amp I understand will be different.   I really want the ALO Pan Am but it is over budget especially with the power supply. I have also considered the HF5. How good is the HF-2A? and stuff from Qinpu? I like that the Pan am and...
Forget the 219 and 229's. The 238 and 239 are identical the 9 is just a new model but same drivers, same with the 4X 8 and 9's   Why do they have to be Senn's? Coming from the LCD 2 and looking for bass Id go with the V-moda M80 Or even the HE-400's that would be badass haha
Yeah aux in's always have lower volume, from cars to boxboxes incase you plug your ipod in at max volume. After market decks usually have a aux in gain setting.
Kinda of cliche but I think the Fiio E17 is the best thing there is for $140 US, or maybe a custom cmoy but those lack many of the E17's features including the DAC.
Yeah USB out into it and you have a USB DAC+amp with the cowon it will only be an amp but still work fine.   The E17 can be used while charging were the E11 can't that was the deciding factor for me.
The E17 takes the cake unless your willing to spend over $200, EQ, hold, off timer, digital volume control it's just the most usable and is flat out better than the E7, the E11 can hold its own in sound quality but not the features plus it doesn't have a dac.   Never heard them but seems good to me
E17 is great for what it is.   Id say D2000 or 5000's if you can find them used.   Other wise V-moda M80 for smaller, HE-400 for open and for similar stuff K-550's, UE 6000's or DT 770 LE32 ohm.
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