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Texturing in the bass? I guess so, I like bass impact, the bass on the S4's was crazy deep and loud but overly lose and boomy, however I find the bass on the Shures almost overly tight? That seems imposable, to make something shorter decay but, idk maybe I'm just use to listening to slightly boomy stuff.   Budget, would be something I'm not afraid to lose I guess? lol under $300? $250 or under probably, I want something good, the 215's were good and I could just get...
So I started with S4's then I got some Shure SE215's which I liked because they blocked out a lot more noise but I missed the bass and the highs but also liked that the lower treble/uppermids weren't sibilant like with the S4's. I also over time realized that the 215's are way more detailed, I just always missed the bass punch and and some of the treble cut in the S4's. I could boost the bass with my E17 but the treble never sounded good EQ's, it didn't get "brighter"...
Heck you can get amperiors from amazon new fro $216, idk what to dooo
Under $100 new? They have been $150 for awhile now and I think thats pretty fair   How is the bass on them compare? Are the 1350's just flatout higher fidelity/more detailed or are they both pretty close?
So I love my D5000's and I also have some SRH840's (not enough bass) and DT770 Pro's but for on the go cans all I have are my Klipsch Image One's and sense I lost my SE215's theres just my SE535's which I don't feel safe taking every where.   So I'm looking at a "used" but new pair of $250 Amperiors's, the now $200 DT-1350's or for $150 the M80's. Idk what else there is? They can be a litter bigger if the fold for something, just smaller and more secure than my full...
My favorite cable for my 215/535's is the Shure iPod cable, to bad its $50 and has iPod controls that are not needed :/
So LP vs LP2 vs M-100?   He will probably go for the cheap LP's but I'm confused cuz the M-100's were suppose to be like the M-80's but there not, so there just a different more expensive LP?
Dout it at $1000 the $500 535 is a good price point I got mine from an authorised sure dealer for $350   They still sell the RED version? Do they sound different? I looked at them before I got my regulars but all I could find was ebay JDM ones
I got mine from earphone soulutions for $350 ($30 off) on blackfriday but they have 25% off sales alot
I say S4's also, the 215's are better sounding but have less bass  
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