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Thats why I was hoping it had a digital out, otherwise theres the 160g ipod thats no longer made and only has 160, or a 256 (128card x 2) in the iBasso's or the X5 right?
Ahhhh so same thing basically just my Macbook pro doesn't have an out like it does for optical.
  Lol well I'm thinking about an iBasso DX90 but thats only 256, when I found out how much space 24/96 and 24/196 files take up I was looking for more
iTunes supports almost anything sampling rate wise as long as its in ALAC IIRC, which is how I bought them from HD tracks, only issue is its telling be they are anywhere from 5,000-60,000kbps, i believe for 24/96 its 4-5000 kbps and for 24/196 its around 9000kbps, then that my E17 just says 48/16. Do E17's not do ALAC?
What the difference between coax and S/PDIF/optical/toslink?
So I have learned that my Macbook has a digital out built into the headphone jack so I can get 24/196 to my E17 but it still says "48k 16bit", what do I need to change on my computer/iTunes to get it to 96/196k 24bit?
Idk I guess I'm guna keep them, they sound way better on my E17 with the bass on +2, but I still find them a bit "shouty" in the vocals
32/96? Will it do 24/196 tho? over usb?
X1, 3, 5 and the DX50 where your original options, including every thing I would say DX90>X5>X3. The X5 and DX90 are just flat better than the others. If you want something smaller and cheaper get the X3.
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