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Koss PortaPro?   I thin the sennheiser PX-200's would be to much money  
Do you have SE215's? The iPod cable or the UE900 cable works way better than the stock one.   RE-400?
Soooooo this thing looks pretty cool and its a USB and iPod DAC? Making it the cheapest iPod DAC and amp combo pretty much? and no need for rubberbands...   How does this thing perform compared to an HP-P1 or the algorithumlabs solo or what ever?   Also this is going to work with the iPhone 5? Making it like the only thing that does? or am I behind the times and other things work on the iPhone 5? I'm planing on combinding my iPod and Phone into and iPhone 5/6...
I say momentums unless you want faster and more agressive then Amperiors
Honestly you probably want something with more bass, the Monster Turbine golds are on sale at radioshack for $180?
The 550's sort of have a weird tinny harsh treble peak where the UE's are more balanced, the 550's probably resolve a little more detail but like I said there $100 more. With the NC on the UE's are very bass heavy but with it off they are a very balanced headphone. The bestbuy by me has open box momentums for $297, you just have to look around, even a used pair isn't going to be more than 6 months old sense they just came out. The Shure SRH-840/940's are also good but...
So soft 70's rock haha idk those vids sounded pretty good on my M80's probably even better on my D5000's but of course they had to go and discontinue those....   I think the Momentums would be great if you have 3 fiddy to drop
UE6000's Tyle at innerfidelity kicked the AKG550 off of his wall of fame for these, but then he did knock thos off for the momentums for best closed headphone, but the UE's are only $200, you could also look at the Shure SRH-840's  
Overear? onear? iPod controls? What would you like   Price range?   Do you own any headphones right now?   Getting the first pair is hard, I suggest you just buy what ever seems to but the recommended one and see how you like it, you may not like it and have to send it back but then you will have a point of reference so don't stress to much.   BTW I have no idea what shoegazing is haha
I tryed the XB500's and didn't like them, they seem to not play very loud and start to distort, and the bass seems more boomy than impactful.   Get a Sony MP3 player, with an optional LOD to something like an E11, then jack the Sony ClearBass bass boost, used this with my Klipsch Image S4's and Image ONE's and it was crazy.   Why has nobody said anything about the Pro 700MKII?
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