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Maybe my 535's are different than the 425's but they hiss?   I got my 535's for $350
They can be had for under $400, Also look into Ultrasone's
I'd say D2000'd if you can find them, or D600's or M-100's?
I was going to say an E17 but you already have an E11, an amp is not need for IEM's but it will sound better and reduce this hiss from an iPhone.
SE215's, with the fiio cable or UE900 cable if you don't like the stocker
Crative Aurvana LIVE! should be $60-$75 bucks  
Also the UE6000's are pretty good can's they wont have as much detail as the K550's or Momentums but should be on par with the M-100's   I'd say buy a pair from a good authorized retailed so you can send them back, most places wont have an issue if its do to comfort and you get another pair from them.
I mean with sound you have to try stuff out too but you can kind of get an idea of what you want and ask on here, with comfort every person is different.   The AKG K550's should be more comfortable but wont have as much bass as the M-100's and don't always seal on peoples head's makeing even less bass, not comfort but still a fit issue.   The Momentums I thought were extreamly comfortable and soft but lots of people have taken them back due to them hurting   The M-100's...
The cord on Grado's is like half an inch thick (at least the SR80i and up, the SR60i's might be thinner but still strong) I mean it's called the "garden hose cable" lol. If they ever break you will just have to pay to ship them to Boston where Grado is at and that's it. The only down side is Grados are open and don't offer any isolation, noise comes in and music goes out. However by doing this they sound more open and spacious, more like speakers and they don't need to...
I think your just going to have to try stuff out? Id say momentums but most people think the ear cups are to small but they are different than the M-100's so they could still hurt but maybe not. While I found them to sit more ON my ears I found them very soft and comfortable.   For something big with totally around the ear cups UE6000's, DT770's, Custom 1 Pro's, Sony MDR-1R's...
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