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I don't think you will find the 215's would be to bassy, and they are the only ones with removable cables     the RE-400's are really good to I hear
For IEM's I don't really know, most of the IEM's "better" than the S4's don't really sound like them and usually have less bass, or are a lot high priced (Turbine Gold's) I have been looking for a pair my self.   If you want more bass than the D1100's the CAL!'s and M50's wont do I would say the Pro 700 MKII's or M-100's or maybe M-Audio Q40's?
Comfort should be an issue with big, totally around the ear headphones like...
Clarity in portables? DT1350? or M80's could be considered I guess  
This is such a troll  
nope its digital it either works or it doesn't and unless your desk it 30 feet long it wont be an issue
Shure SE215's, it will take a couple days but then you will realize that these are way more detailed in the mids and have way better controled and textured bass, forget the S4's I use to be an advocate of them but they have a pretty bad upper mid spike that is harsh.   Also the new RE-400's by hi fi man
The Grado's wont break and if they do Grado will fix them   The M80's come with a case and 2 cord's   One of KRK's models has a removable cable and the UE6000's
E17, all the cans I can think of are more UE6000's, M-100's etc.
ohhh, well who makes it? that link I couldn't read (not english) and it wanted me to log in.
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