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So the Sony's have more upper/mid bass? Everyone seems to say they have a lot more bass than the momentums but less than the M100's   Id like the bass increase to start <200hz, with the momentums they are just sort of going for a warmer thicker sound but on the M-100's that 400hz-200hz being right up there with every thing below sort of muddy;s stuff up.   I listened to the momentums and liked them but didn't have my amp on me to see how well them did with a little extra...
At least the 580's or V-Modas wont break, and if you think the LP2's have "bass and nothing else" then get the M-100's   What about the Denon urban ravers?
I'm wondering this too, I really don't know what I want better the flat slightly warm tilted Momentums or the wavy colored Sony's what I don't like about the M100's and Momentums are that the bass boost starts really high around 400-200hz, I want can's with a lot of midbass impact from the bass drum in rock and metal, around 50-60hz, would the sonys be more like this?
You could also get some V-moda LP2's
Now that thus dudes totally confused ha   Sennheiser HD25ii's or amperiours would be good also the Ultrasone HFI 580 or 780's but I don't think there as "up front"   Also look at the UE6000 and 9000's
I'd just get the Beat's, you seem like your pretty set on them and then when you get something better you can probably sell them for more than you paid, the 580's are "better".
personally id sell a kidney for the LCD 2's, id run them from my home theater reciver or what ever worked till I got an amp  
Cuz he is a trolll
Better headphones let you hear thing's you otherwise wouldn't be able to   More like why I have a $1000 50" plasma when you can get a 50" TV for $450     +1
SCHITT all the wayy
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