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or SR80i's the DT770's look old school to but id suggest Creative Auravana LIVE!?
I have all of my music ripped from CD's in 320mp3 with the occasional 256 from iTunes but if you want ultra high end stuff like a sound quality specific player or iPod with iDAC and amp into $1000 or more headphones you want to have all your music in lossless format, there are a lot of websites that offer this but chances are you will have to pay for it, there are even some sites that offer better than CD quality but I wouldn't worry to much unless YOU can hear a...
DT770's would work? idk how much the M-100's leak
I say go for it, your dropped $150 on the Avaitors and the M-100's have more bass and will be a lot more durable.
The 840's leak? Make sure you aren't ruining your hearing, but agree they are very bass light. I would suggest Beyer DT770's but you said under $100, maybe the Creative Aurvana LIVE! or M-Audio Q40's?
Seenheiser Momentum's all the way  
There only $100? Yeah they do want $50 for the cable but you can probably get it cheaper from amazon or with a coupon code for earphonesolutions
If money was no issue for do every thing can's I would get the Denon 7100's or Beyerdynamic T1's or T5p's.
DT770 Pro 80ohm   If I were you I would try to find some D2k's or 5k's
Not really there German ha   There is the new DT770 32ohm and the Custom 1 Pro, or the UE6000's but I wouldn't say there better.
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