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personally id sell a kidney for the LCD 2's, id run them from my home theater reciver or what ever worked till I got an amp  
Cuz he is a trolll
Better headphones let you hear thing's you otherwise wouldn't be able to   More like why I have a $1000 50" plasma when you can get a 50" TV for $450     +1
SCHITT all the wayy
Is there and Earphone like this?   I love the S4's bass, it really isn't that bad strait out of a played but jack up the bass boost and they pound so you get both options but the upper mids are very fatiguing and all weird, the treble seems good but there is a upper mid boost that over shadows every thing else in that region.   The bass on the Shure SE215's in tighter and more accurate but never has the impact and doesn't respond to bass eq as...
Anyone?   The first vamp seemed like a joke at $400 but this one seems like a good value.   And do any amp's work with the iPhone lightning conector besides this??
I don't think anyone from here is going to be able to tell on that low quality of a pic.   How much are they $80? $50? most people on here will tell you there are better headphones to be had for $50 any way, weather you want a lot of bass or not.
ummmmmm I guess I didn't realize you were going that high end   The Ety will have more detail and are more treble first then mids then bass where the Shures are mid forward with good bass but the treble is sort of left in the back (the red 535's have more treble), so it depends on what your looking for. People say the 535's aren't detailed but I think they are through the mid's they just don't have much treble sparkle.   I should also say that there is an un arguable...
Phillips citiscape downtown, great and ultra girly in purple   I would suggest the CAL! but they only come in black   for something a little better the Audio-technica M50's ($160ish) and V-moda M80's ($130 on clearence at radioshack) come in white
Try Mt. Biking, I to hate running in a big circle and there are few places I want to jog to and arive sweaty at but MT. biking is really fun to me its more challanging so you don't relize your working out you just are trying to go as fast as you can with out crashing ha   But anyway I would suggest Shure SE215's (or any SE line actually)   The Shure's and Etymotics block out more noise than pretty much any other IEM   For headphones Beyer DT770's block out a...
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