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The 840's leak? Make sure you aren't ruining your hearing, but agree they are very bass light. I would suggest Beyer DT770's but you said under $100, maybe the Creative Aurvana LIVE! or M-Audio Q40's?
Seenheiser Momentum's all the way  
There only $100? Yeah they do want $50 for the cable but you can probably get it cheaper from amazon or with a coupon code for earphonesolutions
If money was no issue for do every thing can's I would get the Denon 7100's or Beyerdynamic T1's or T5p's.
DT770 Pro 80ohm   If I were you I would try to find some D2k's or 5k's
Not really there German ha   There is the new DT770 32ohm and the Custom 1 Pro, or the UE6000's but I wouldn't say there better.
Maybe my 535's are different than the 425's but they hiss?   I got my 535's for $350
They can be had for under $400, Also look into Ultrasone's
I'd say D2000'd if you can find them, or D600's or M-100's?
I was going to say an E17 but you already have an E11, an amp is not need for IEM's but it will sound better and reduce this hiss from an iPhone.
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