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I might be getting a pair of the Gold's sense they are on sale at radio shack but they are more bass heavy all the time sort of sounding, I have listened to the regular and golds a couple times before.  
They are? I thought grado was US where Alessandro's are for international?
^what are you guys talking about? The amp drives the headphone, a DAC is a DAC, it's just weather the headphones are revealing enough and you have enough time to listen for the differences.
hmm hmmm hmmm
I heard the D600's and didn't think they had very much bass? And they were to angled to fit my head properly. Where can you get them for under $300? Cheapest I could find was $400 unless they were used/refurbished.   Wouldn't something Like the Urban ravers be better or are those just crap?
E17, you don't have to get an expensive one, Pop music (and most electronica actually) is compressed.
The difference was probably floor vs new, if you store your beyer's on a pair of books or a headphone stand instead of letting them close all the way they will stay loser.   The PRO beyers have a harder clamping force than the PREMIUM, the PRO's clamp harder for better isolation and give a slightly more aggressive sound (take any pair of headphones and smash them against your ears). So the DT770 Pro 80ohm do have a pretty strong clamping force but all 770, 880, 990's are...
CAL! or the philips cityscape downtowns
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