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Will it know my iTunes info like not making songs featuring other artists into other artist categories intirely? Are the X5 and DX 90 clearly superior to the X3?
So I own D5000's which are my favorite, SE215's and 535's, V-Moda M80's, Beyer DT 770 80ohm, Momentums, but the only open pair I have are my Porta Pros lol.   Every time I look at open headphones I get confused as they don't have great reviews but then anytime you read close headphone reviews they always say they have issues because they aren't open and there for have issues with the sound caused by being sealed.   I have a $200 gift card to Bestbuy so I have been...
Fiio E09k or E17k, amp with the iPod, amp/DAC with the laptop.
Really? Thats not good for my wallet haha, do you just pull the SD cards and pop them in the other player when you want to switch? Do they both recognize all the songs and artwork just fine?
Ahhh sweet, let me know. I was thinking about getting all those along with the Asgard and using there 15day return policy and the price came to exactly $666.00 lol. My main issue is the $100 USB card.... my Mac only does 24/96 over optical so I would need that. Do all these devices need there own wall plug or can you use only 1 for the DAC and amp, or does the DAC run off USB power?
Pahaha, got it, thx for telling me about audio midi set up :). Do I need to change it every time i switch between 88khz and 96 and stuff? And will a 192khz song played at 96 sound the same as the 96 version played at 96?
It was set to 44.1/24 bit even tho my E17 said 48/16bit, I changed it to 96/24 and my E17 still says 48/16?
I see you have an X5 and a DX 90 also, which do you like best? What do you use the E17 for? I'm planning on getting the DX 90 very soon.
So older macbooks optical out only does 24/96.... and the E17 will only do 24/192 over optical, cool. So if there another amp/dac with EQ that will do use 24/192?
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