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Shure SRH840's but there still a little bass light   Beyer DT770's have more bass and highs and more detail but the mid range is a lot different and a little resesed/V-Shaped compared to the 280's.   I don't think the HD25-1-ii's would have the bass or clarity but idk?   From what you said you want i'd say the Momentums but there $350.  
If you take ur headphones off and hold them open (don't let the cups seal on each other) that about how loud they will be, maybe a little louder, the other issue is you will be able to head everything.   I'd say only the HD600's would NEED an amp.   What about the Sennheiser HD25-I-II's or Amperiors? Or V-Moda M80/M100's?
Does the Sony E series not? I thought it did?   Pretty much just iPod's but Fiio makes a Sony LOD, so some sonys
I did a little, thats where I thought that the 325is's were more artifcial sounding, yes more detailed but in the wrong spots? I was thinking about poking some holes in the foam for more bass What about the RS2i's?
id say go with the 550 then, its what YOU like but IMO I thought the K550's were bass lite and had a sort of tinny sounding treble, and the ear cups were weird fit wish, I preffered the Momentums but would enjoy a little more energy in the highs but its not enough to stop me from buying them.
I'm thinking about using taped bowls with the 225i and modding it for more bass? Then theres the whole RS2 vs RS1 baaaa   hmmm I could try but my post usually gets buried.
The earpods for running is a good idea, there are some earbuds that are quality that don't block out noise or something like the Sony EX600's while are IEM's but block out very little.   I am sort of a fan boy but I like Shure's over the Ety because of the extra bass to get over stuff like the lawnmower vs a little less bass with the Ety's. Also they have a removable cable which can add to the cost sense I don't like the stock cable and I like the icable ($40-$50) or the...
HD25's aren't circumaural There's Cmoys, iBasso stuff my issue is that Fiio is the only one with EQ, a hold button, off timmer etc. id just go Fiio, E07 or E17
I just don't know I liked the extra "detail" but as I said it seemed to take away from the music. What pads and equipment do you use with them?   I looked at the PS500 having even more bass but they have something like a -12db drop at 5000hz like what the heck? How is that good? I know FR curves aren't everything but that is a big hole.   I'd suggest the SE215's or maybe Turbine Golds if you want a lot of bass
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