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Open Grado SR60i or 80i, closed Creative Aruvana Live!, or the V-Moda M80's. The M80's can be had used for under $100 on there or for $130 on Clearance for radio shack.
UE6000's, Sennheiser Momentums and the V-moda 100's. This V-modas will have a fair amount more bass than what you are probably use to.
Yeah the Momentums are called full size but I would say there really big earpad head phones, I thought they were very soft and comfy however.   The momentums don't NEED and amp to power them, they are very easy to drive, however they are a "good" enough headphone that I'm pretty sure there would be a noticeable improvement from directly out of an ipod to using an amp/dac, but I don't know much about the vamp versa.   The M-100 is a lot different than the...
I might be getting a pair of the Gold's sense they are on sale at radio shack but they are more bass heavy all the time sort of sounding, I have listened to the regular and golds a couple times before.  
They are? I thought grado was US where Alessandro's are for international?
^what are you guys talking about? The amp drives the headphone, a DAC is a DAC, it's just weather the headphones are revealing enough and you have enough time to listen for the differences.
hmm hmmm hmmm
I heard the D600's and didn't think they had very much bass? And they were to angled to fit my head properly. Where can you get them for under $300? Cheapest I could find was $400 unless they were used/refurbished.   Wouldn't something Like the Urban ravers be better or are those just crap?
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