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ohhh, well who makes it? that link I couldn't read (not english) and it wanted me to log in.
JH16, then probably the Monster Turbine Golds and the Sennheiser IE80's
well ok now that inthere has totally destroyed this thread... I MEAN THE BEATS STUDIOS LEAK sound and he doesn't want that so all this arguing is for nothing     At least they wont break, I have listened to beats studios and didn't think they had all that much bass? Yes more than normal but not like Klipsch Image ONE, Turbine Golds or Pro 700 MKII's?   I'm sorry I know the OP is probably confused but the M50's, Denon's you listed and the Focal have no where near enough...
K I just wrote a big huge thing and lost it alll basically   280HD's don't have enough bass and have a very hard clamping force, get Ultrasone HFI580's, Creative Aurvana LIVE!, DT770's or V-Moda M80's or LP2.   About the drums the monitors will probably be better than headphones, but headphones are good to have and why would your son do deaf? Just tell him not to listen to loud for to long.
I have no idea what that link is but from SHUR-APL-Cable i think your just looking at the shure apple clicker calbe, it wont sound anybetter but is a lot more comfortable and has apple controls
1. Acoustic drums are way better IMO, maybe starting out it wont bother him but every time I try to play electronics I can't open the high hats the way I want and the snare and cymbal chokes seem so artificial sounding, I don't even mind the rubber pads as much as just the lack of expression, but they are fun to play with all the sounds and practice at 2AM, if you have a mixer and headphone amp/splitter you can even have every one plug in and wear headphones and have a...
This, or store them always on a couple books instead of totally shut, but they are always a little warm being totally sealed.
Open Grado SR60i or 80i, closed Creative Aruvana Live!, or the V-Moda M80's. The M80's can be had used for under $100 on there or for $130 on Clearance for radio shack.
UE6000's, Sennheiser Momentums and the V-moda 100's. This V-modas will have a fair amount more bass than what you are probably use to.
Yeah the Momentums are called full size but I would say there really big earpad head phones, I thought they were very soft and comfy however.   The momentums don't NEED and amp to power them, they are very easy to drive, however they are a "good" enough headphone that I'm pretty sure there would be a noticeable improvement from directly out of an ipod to using an amp/dac, but I don't know much about the vamp versa.   The M-100 is a lot different than the...
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