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Forget Bose id get the 239's or V-moda M80's   http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/inexpensive-and-terrific-noontec-zoro http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/bowers-wilkins-p3-portable-headphoneheadset
+1 and +1
On ear? Over ear? In ears/IEM's?   I love my Denon D5000's unfortunately they are no longer made...   I would also look at the V-Moda M100's
Creative Aurvana LIVE! or V-Moda M80's   Neither need an amp but if you want an amp I would get a Fiio E07k
Believe me not having the memory wire is a god sent, the iPhone cable is WAY WAY more comfortable. Instead of memory wire the first part of the wire is curved instead of straight making it go around the ear way easier.   Other wise there is the UE900 cable both with apple clicker and without and Fiio makes a cable but no apple controls on it.
Agreed K550's have big earcups but I think the headband is for bigger head's? So smaller head's they don't seal or something, and the pads are soft but don't compress much so if there not flat they wont seal. The momentums just have small cups but I thought the leather and foam was so soft it didn't madder.
Don't the M-100's have a dip right at 500hz? Someone jump in and help me ha Yes I would say so, I hated the HD280/380 sound and much prefer my 840's and DT770's and D5000's. Next to the other 2 the 840's are pretty bass light but it's lower and more punchy than the 280's. Any Guitar Center or big music store should have the 280, 380, some DT770 model and Shure's full 240, 440 and 840 line to try out. I think that is a little extreme, and there open, I think the 770 or...
I agree I mean there are better $200 headphones but the UE6000's have a bass boost with the NC curcit, good isolation and a removable cord and they fold up.   Other wise for open there's the Grado 225i's and the Sennheiser HD558's and the 598's   Then the V-Moda M80's ($130-$170), Ultrasone HFI580's and 780's and Shure SRH-840's. The Pioneer HDJ-2000's can be had for a little over $200 along with the Sennheiser HD25-1-ii's, Amperiors and the Beyer DT1350's.   iPod should...
Well you were looking at the DT1350's which are on ear, I wouldn't say they don't sound as good... I mean yes the DT1350's don't sound as good as the T70 or T1/5p due to the small housing enclosure but those are also double the price of the DT1350 so against $300 headphones sure somepeople say the Sony MDR-1R and the Momentums would sound better but others would like the 1350's so it's a toss up, and there is a big following for the HD25's for rock and metal.   I would...
RE-400's are good   I would also suggest the Shure SE215's, they have rolled off highs so they are smooth but not very detailed in the high's however the mid range is very detailed and the biggest thing is they are very durable with a removable cord and a little extra bass.  
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