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The memory wire on the SE series for me starts to late, there is a plastic piece where the removable cable is that is strait so the memory wire starts to far back to bend and follow the contour of my ear, on the iPod cable that little plastic piece is different and made of soft rubber and is curved so it follows right along my ear.
If your debating on the MDR-1R id just go with the Sennheiser Momentums?
Honestly id get the monster's, sell them and get a real pair of slightly bass heavy monitoring headphones like Beyer DT770's or KRK 8400's.   You just can't really get a good mix on monster headphones, now I really have no idea about the Sony's so I can't say anything sorry, they might be good idk.
yeah its really dumb they are just dumping EVERYTHING into this forum, they need a headphone recomentaion, amp recomendation etc and not dump "beyer T70 vs T1" like threads here from the full sized cons forum
He meant DT770 Pro 80ohm, there is no DT700 I know of. You could eq the bass of the DT770 to be more but stock the M100's have more bass, and they fold up but they are more money, the DT770's probably have a little better detail. There is also the DT770 AE 32ohm.   Some people say the D600's are bass heavy but I don't really think so, For $500 id try to score a pair of used D5000's.
The Shure iPod cable is the same length but way way more comfortable and it is more flexable   UE900 or Fiio cable
Forget Bose id get the 239's or V-moda M80's
+1 and +1
On ear? Over ear? In ears/IEM's?   I love my Denon D5000's unfortunately they are no longer made...   I would also look at the V-Moda M100's
Creative Aurvana LIVE! or V-Moda M80's   Neither need an amp but if you want an amp I would get a Fiio E07k
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