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K so the E6 is like 10 hours the E17 is 20 the E07k is around 24 hours but the only E7 was around 100 hours but doesn't sound as good as the E07k or E17, is there anything else with a long long battery life?
M-audio Q40 or V-moda M80, for cheaper maybe the Phillips cityscape downtown?  
D5000's with like 3bd or the small bass boost on a portable amp
You would want to run the digital out's from the CD player into the headphone amp, you don't need 2 amps.   The headphone jack's in player's usually are not that good just because they have a price to meet and they put there money into other stuff, where a headphone and is only that a headphone amp and the manufacturers take pride in them being quality. With that said higher quality player's and integrated amp's do have pretty good headphone sections.
there not that bad   but I will agree there are better $150 headphones
id suggest the Beyerdynaic DT770 pro 80 ohm or the M100's  
id say the 780's are better than the 580's if you don't want a lot of bass and there about the same price.
I suggested these on the first page, they need an amp but you got one now. SP'd are cheap and flimsy you should be able to score a set of HD25-1-II's for under $200
Why not?
sorry I commented on this but it must not have posted?   From your description of what you did I think the airplane jack and adapters are bad but I don't think you could of broken the headphones just by giggling them, they are made pretty well.   I would send it in under warrenty, why would you have to send them to hong kong? Where are you from?   Does the 440 have a removable cable? (only have the 840's) check if it is secured to the earcup right.
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