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Um V-Moda M80's fit every thing you said but they are around $150?... or the Sony XB500's if you really want that much bass?
I was going to say... if the skullcandies you tryed were anything but that avaitors they didnt sound good lol, but they were the avaitors and they are not bad but better can be had for $200.   if you stuck on a CD player the Marantz is good, or a reciver unless you also want to drive speakers I wouldn't get one I would just use the digital out into a dac/headphone amp or something. Or like people have said, put them on a computer an FLAC or Apple lossless and get a Fiio...
From my experience some can's just don't put out bass, some sound good with rock and pound with techno and other sound good at rock and just make the techno dub bass sound like rock/jazz.   Open or Closed? cuz something like the HD600's might be good. For closed id say  maybe the Sennheiser momentums? or Denon D600's? The M-80's have nice vocals but there on ear
S4's are not that good, they are capable of crazy booming bass with eq and un-eqed are ok but the 215's are much better.   If you want a lot of bass look at the Monster Turbine's or Turbine Pro gold's.   The GR07's would be better than the 215's for under $200. Also look at the TF10's and the RE-400's.   The Shure's and Etymotcs will have the best sound isolation.  
lol I'm sure he is looking to spend 2 grand, even the LCD-2 is $1000
Meh for $200 the beat's wouldn't be the worst, better than paying $250 but the leak sound (for a closed can), lack detail and will break.   I suggest the DT770 Pro 80ohm or Custom 1 Pro's but over them I would suggest the V-Moda M100's they are $300 but fold up and are pretty indestructable, you shouldn't need an amp the the E11 or E07k would provide you will a little cleaner power and a bass boost, but you would only really need them with the beyer's or anything...
If you going to use these for mixing I would get the DT 770's or Shure SRH-840/940's, The M-80's are great but I wouldn't mix on them   Open cans are fine for mixing off a laptop they just wont have the isolation, there's the AD900 and the AD900x
DT-770's, they might clamp hard to start but store them over a book and they will losen up, the M-50's wouldn't be bad either but I would go with the 770's, the Pro 80ohm for bass or the 250/32ohm for just general sound.   The 990's are open and won't work
I'd go with the LCD-3 the difference will be much much more than a cable
Ohh I understand, well I wouldn't even use them for mixing then? Just get what ever pair you like better and wear them around town and buy a good mixing pair later, it's not like you can't use them to listen to your mix but I wouldn't get to far into what your working on, on the monster's alone. If you don't have anything "good" to use, use multipule system's, if it sound's good on the sony/monsters and in your car and on a boom box and the crappy $20 headphones and your...
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