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The earpods for running is a good idea, there are some earbuds that are quality that don't block out noise or something like the Sony EX600's while are IEM's but block out very little.   I am sort of a fan boy but I like Shure's over the Ety because of the extra bass to get over stuff like the lawnmower vs a little less bass with the Ety's. Also they have a removable cable which can add to the cost sense I don't like the stock cable and I like the icable ($40-$50) or the...
HD25's aren't circumaural There's Cmoys, iBasso stuff my issue is that Fiio is the only one with EQ, a hold button, off timmer etc. id just go Fiio, E07 or E17
I just don't know I liked the extra "detail" but as I said it seemed to take away from the music. What pads and equipment do you use with them?   I looked at the PS500 having even more bass but they have something like a -12db drop at 5000hz like what the heck? How is that good? I know FR curves aren't everything but that is a big hole.   I'd suggest the SE215's or maybe Turbine Golds if you want a lot of bass
oops missed that, earbuds wont have enough isolation nor will the CAL!, everything else I can think of is more except maybe the Sennheiser PX-200's
So I have wanted some grado's for a while, when I originally asked I was wondering between the lower prestige series and was told I should probably go for the 225i's minimum due to me already being use to higher end stuff (SRH-840's and D5000's) so I listened to some at a local place and didn't really decide on anything.   I was trying to decide between the 225 and 325's but I don't really like the 325's yeah there more detailed and I don't really find them harsh but...
Grado's are only sold at retail, you could get the 225i's?   Or the Sennheiser HD25 I II's
You want more bass? I'd say Turbine Gold or Copper's, the Gold have a lot of bass, or the UE900's for a more mainstream sound.
I say SE215's, get them from earphonesolutions with a 10-25% off code they have   or the RE-400's
Impedance 35 Ohm Sound pressure level 96 dB They shouldn't need an amp to bad?   Fiio E6, E11, E12, E07 or E17   Headstage Arrow... ummmmm iBasso D zero
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