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I'd just get the E17 to start with, and make sure you music is in good quality 256MP3 or higher, that will make more of a difference than the amp. The E17 will work as an amp with the phone and as an amp/DAC with the computer.   Is it just the Samgung galaxy that can transmit USB audio or can all android phones?
This or the M80's, you might like the Slightly more aggressive AKG K550's also.   I think the Momentum's would grow on you and you would see they are miles above the bassy no mid's Sol's but I will agree that the Momentum's can sound "boring" and "regular", they have a little extra bass but not much impact and laid back high's that makes them not really stand out.
    I don't think it works like that, the E17 is a USB dac you would need a Fostex HP-P1 or SL Algorithm solo
For a little extra tight punchy bass Shure SE215's, for a lot of bass the Monster Turbine Gold's.
Id go for the E07k, better EQ and a DAC
any others?
$240 now
What about the K550?
The AKG K550 is better the 551 is kind of dumb, the cord is shorter and thinner but they put a huge plug on it.   I'd say Momentum's>M100 (if you like bass)>K550>UE6000's for cheaper, for the price they score higher
Hmmm I actually don't think your going to find exactly what your looking for because as far as cans go (not IEM's) V-Moda is the only company I know that makes a Android mic and the overear M100's are $300. Lot's of iPod mic's have some functionality with android.   Maybe the Philips cityscape up or down town's?
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