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  The amperiors are small on ear's with a forward fast sound and punch bass, more like the SR60's. The sound stage and openness is going to be very small and closed, the exact oppose if the 598, 600 or K550's. They are suppose to be an upgraded HD25-1.   The HD600's and even the 598's wont work the best strait out of an iPhone, the K550's, amperiors and Momentums would however.   Your receiver should power the HD600's   Look into a Fiio E17 or E07k with the E09k combo or...
Id go for the HD600's
I'd spend the cash on the headphones, but the CAL! and Fiio E07k would be a good combo
Lazy   598's wont have the bass, and the HD600's and 650's are out of your budget   The M-50's are good but $300 can buy better   The M100's I think would be good for you, they have the most bass out of the current $300 cans line up.   The other's are the AKG K550 (might not have enough bass for you, Sennheiser Momentums and the Sony MDR-1R.   You might also like the DT770's but they are cheaper.
lol why not? They look fancy   HD25's, Amperiors, DT1350
I think something with more highs and maybe low's than mid's as the high's and low's come out more when turned up louder, so when listening quietly everything might sound more midforward? So even something like the V-Moda M100's that is intended to be listened to loud might sound good and less V-shaped at lower volumes? Although some do the opposite and have 2 much bass until turned up a certain amount, guess it depends on the headphones.   I'd suggest the HD598's...
The 6000's have a nice bass boost feature with the NC activated and a nice balanced sound with it off if you want that.   For your type of music I might go with something from V-Moda or they beyer DT770 80ohm?
IMO if you liked them I would keep them, it only happened once, I wouldn't worry about getting a different brand until your on your 3rd or 4th set lol.   I got SE535's for x-mas and the bass driver's in the right piece have failed so all stuff has problem sometimes.
I will second the SE215's, you need to get the iPod cable separate but it is more comfortable 2.   I think he might be looking for non noise isolating ear phones like the power beats are.
The 598's are known to be a little bass light even compared to the 558's I think you would like something like the Sennheiser Momentum's better. The HD600's bass I would not call "poor" it just doesn't have a lot of it which was changed in the HD650 but then people think that it is lacking in the high's so some people prefer the HD600's.   Why isn't the Creative X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Pro good for anything? It has to be better than running stock from the motherboard? I...
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