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I'd look at the Shure SE125's, Hi-fi man RE-400's, Klipsch Image X10's, TF10's   I don't really like the S4's, they have good clarity for a mainstream $80 earphone and really deep bass but they are annoying in the 7-8khs range I think? I can only listen to the for a while with guitars without eq. The SE215's aren't perfect, I like them a lot better but they are smoother and less agressive and a little to rolled off up top. Never heard the RE-400's.
Yeah but he needs these by like tomorrow
At this point I think you are straying into the area where you need to hear the headphones, a lot of personal preferance, so buy from a place that you can send back.   I think something like the Westone 4's or 3's or the UE900 or custom's will be more detailed and smoother sounding but some people don't like BA's and prefer dynamic driver's so you might not like them, you could look into the IE80's but they are $400. For $300 idk how much "better" sound you will get.
Shure SE215's? or if you want Extra bass get Bestbuy or somewhere to match online prices of the Monester Turbines or Turbine pro golds?   for cheaper there's the Sennheiser 300CX II's and I have heard that the Sol republic inear's are not that bad, I just can't think of stuff in the way of in ear's that a big box store would sell?   The klipsch Image S4's are ok but $150 will get you something a lot better, there are the X10's but I dout a store will carry those.
Your new pair still does? Or like what to do with your boroken pair?   If you don't have a good pair keep bugging UE or get your money back, if you wound up with 2 pair id sell the broken one's to someone that might wanna tear them apart and fix them or something?
The E12 is only like 2 hours longer than the E11. I don't like the exposed knobs and switches on the PAV2V, wouldn't work to well in a pocket. The headstage? Is there a big difference for V3 to V4?? I looked on there website and didn't see battery life listed. The wut?
I'd just get the E17 to start with, and make sure you music is in good quality 256MP3 or higher, that will make more of a difference than the amp. The E17 will work as an amp with the phone and as an amp/DAC with the computer.   Is it just the Samgung galaxy that can transmit USB audio or can all android phones?
This or the M80's, you might like the Slightly more aggressive AKG K550's also.   I think the Momentum's would grow on you and you would see they are miles above the bassy no mid's Sol's but I will agree that the Momentum's can sound "boring" and "regular", they have a little extra bass but not much impact and laid back high's that makes them not really stand out.
    I don't think it works like that, the E17 is a USB dac you would need a Fostex HP-P1 or SL Algorithm solo
For a little extra tight punchy bass Shure SE215's, for a lot of bass the Monster Turbine Gold's.
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