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id say the 780's are better than the 580's if you don't want a lot of bass and there about the same price.
I suggested these on the first page, they need an amp but you got one now. SP'd are cheap and flimsy you should be able to score a set of HD25-1-II's for under $200
Why not?
sorry I commented on this but it must not have posted?   From your description of what you did I think the airplane jack and adapters are bad but I don't think you could of broken the headphones just by giggling them, they are made pretty well.   I would send it in under warrenty, why would you have to send them to hong kong? Where are you from?   Does the 440 have a removable cable? (only have the 840's) check if it is secured to the earcup right.
  Sorry thought you were looking for around $200. I had the exact same fit issue, basically any other cable is a lot better; Shure iPod cable, Fiio SE series cable, UR900 cable, the highs are pretty laid back but there still the just not sparkly, the midrange is perfect, the low's you have wrong tho, don't think of these as a bass heavy muddy IEM, they have very very tight controlled and punch bass with just a little extra bass over flat so they don't ever sound bass...
V-Moda M-80, Shure SRH-840's, Sennheiser HD25-II-1 or Amperiors   The Sennheiser 5X8's and Grado's are all open just so you know.
Umm no not really, most good microphone's are corded to the box, other wise you would double the batteries and electronics and stuff.   Maybe nowadays there is something like a bluetooth mic that would do the trick but I don't know about it.
The speakers are for the pair so that barely comes to $300, you might get more help on AVS forum's but im on there to   Are you really set on getting a sub?   I would get 2 of these these so $250 plus something like this...
Um V-Moda M80's fit every thing you said but they are around $150?... or the Sony XB500's if you really want that much bass?
I was going to say... if the skullcandies you tryed were anything but that avaitors they didnt sound good lol, but they were the avaitors and they are not bad but better can be had for $200.   if you stuck on a CD player the Marantz is good, or a reciver unless you also want to drive speakers I wouldn't get one I would just use the digital out into a dac/headphone amp or something. Or like people have said, put them on a computer an FLAC or Apple lossless and get a Fiio...
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