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All EQ apps have to play music from them that I know of I'd go with the Z02 if bass is really important or a Sony player like I said, and I don't like that the E06 wont do USB audio. The E06 (I own) has 2 bass boost, a little boost and holy mid and high reducing muddy mess. Something like the the E07k or the E17 have 5 way up or down bass and treble boost's but they get a little muddy on the 4 and 5 setting's but better than the E06. For you though I think the Z02 would...
There amazing, big, don't block out much noise and amazing. I have the D5000's and I always will
Sony MDR-1R or AKG K550?
Polk audio makes some>  
I'd say it's a good choise maybe not the best but way way better than any mainstream thing under $100   Just get ready to explain to people what they are when they ask lol
The headphone wont make as much difference as better headphones unless the headphones are over like 50ish ohm's like stated and hard to driver, 50 to like 80 ohm's is sort of no man's land but over 100 you will need an amp for a iPhone.   The E07k or E17 will be a DAC from your computer too.
  The amperiors are small on ear's with a forward fast sound and punch bass, more like the SR60's. The sound stage and openness is going to be very small and closed, the exact oppose if the 598, 600 or K550's. They are suppose to be an upgraded HD25-1.   The HD600's and even the 598's wont work the best strait out of an iPhone, the K550's, amperiors and Momentums would however.   Your receiver should power the HD600's   Look into a Fiio E17 or E07k with the E09k combo or...
Id go for the HD600's
I'd spend the cash on the headphones, but the CAL! and Fiio E07k would be a good combo
Lazy   598's wont have the bass, and the HD600's and 650's are out of your budget   The M-50's are good but $300 can buy better   The M100's I think would be good for you, they have the most bass out of the current $300 cans line up.   The other's are the AKG K550 (might not have enough bass for you, Sennheiser Momentums and the Sony MDR-1R.   You might also like the DT770's but they are cheaper.
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