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Get the M100's then go to bestbuy magnolia, they have K550's, Momentums and D600's  
I'd say K550 but if you want HD800 like detail yeah TH-900  or Beyer T1's
Amperior/HD25 and the GR07's
It will be fine, it's made to power speakers and the HE-400's are really easy to drive, the magni will power the HE-600's  
M100 or UE6000's  
GR07 MKII or BE? Shure SE425's or westone 2/4's
M100, or the Philips  
I'd say the UE4000's or Sony MRD v6 or V-Moda M80's for just over $100
not bad, lost of people only have apple buds lol
Shure 840's if you want a closed monitoring headphone, I'f you wanna jump all the way to the HD600's and have an open pair they are very good
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