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Yeah HD558 or 598, maybe the Denon D600's? or V-moda M80/XS? Sorta smother. I tend to like faster more dynamic headphones.
It's only for over ears, I have read CC whatever and Jokers IEM threads. Thats what made me want the Turbine golds.I just got the Denon C300's and a Z02 haha I'm well aware of a good seal, own lots of IEM's. My S4's hit with anything rock/metal mostly, thats why I miss them haha, this is more like I've pissed off and wont stop buying **** till I get something that sounds like that again.
What? Thats insane? I mean I didn't listen to the V55's much just for a couple seconds on the little display in bestbuy playing some pop loop but I was impressed with the bass impact, it very well could be muddy tho. The XBA-H1's tho seem to have about the same amount of bass as the Klipsch R6's, maybe a little more but comparable. The Sonys are very sensitive tho, I need 3-4 clicks on my macbook or Fiio volume to compensate, I do wonder how they got the dynamic to be as...
DIY kit? What are you looking for? If you don't like the headphones an amp isn't going to make you like them.   What source and music are you using? I would say a Fiio E07k is much better than the E6.
You bought HP50's to watch movies? haha   Fiio E07, E17 or there desk top amp, iBasso has some stuff. ****t magni and modi?
GR07 BE? At least he will have good music to enjoy :)   I say Arrow or Fiio E17, or E11 sense the USB DAC probably isn't needed, or the sound magic A10, I basso makes some around that size to. Lots of the newer ones are shooting for a more smart phone size.
Really? I thought they had pretty nice punchy bass compared to some Sennheisers and Shure's that have like no bass at all.
+1 or Grado's, anything foam and open, not leather.
Well I don't feel so bad, I have bought R6's and and XBA-H1's in a week even tho I own SE535's
So I wasn't aware of what the Sony XBA-H1 were. I was going to say something about them probably not being available but behold best buy has them and on sale for $95. I had to get a pair, a hybrid BA/Dynamic fir $95... never thought I'd see the day I'd be buying something like that at best buy haha.   First Impressions I have to say they sound like the S4's, really harsh and they really don't have THAT much bass. This is the issue I'm having, even UBER XTRA! BASS BOOM!...
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