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Good headphones good price
I'm going to recommend the good old SE215's
Up up up
I've noticed skipping forward or back may only produce one click/snap/crakle/pop where going from the last to first song and vice versa usually causes multiple.
    Yeah mines pretty awful, about twice as loud as my macbook easy audible on quiet sections of songs in DAC mode. So who should I contact would Paul on here help or should I Email iBasso? I got it from ProStudio Sound & Music via Amazon which is listed as an authorized retailer.
Yeah I mean I am using SE535's but louder than my macbook out? I can hear the hiss in my sony xb-H1's too, and its almost unusable with IEM's in DAC mode. Idk I don't think I was but I was also on firmware 1.0
I have noticed this but only a couple times, its sort of like the noise the machine makes when it powers on, a popping clicking noise.  Yeah the timer shuts the machine off even if music is playing, like what? Who didn't catch that before release...
I would try not using an adapter or a 256 micro sd card get a good quality high speed 128 or 256 full sized Samsung or Sandisk card to try it with. The biggest Micro SD card I know of is 200GB nobody reputable makes a 256GB micro SD. +1 The only real glitch (that has been fixed) is the player defaulting to high gain Thats so bad its funny, all my album art that came over from iTunes (like 3 out of 10 albums) looks fine
I don't have any popping or songs getting cut off but it is really staticy/noise? Also some album art pulls from iTunes files others doesn't? Another annoying thing and the reason I like Fiio/Sony stuff is you have to turn the EQ ON/OFF and when you do it lowers the volume so its really hard to compare it to flat or OFF, I get why they do this, so people don't blow there stuff up jacking the sliders up but I would rather have it just limit the volume lower or lower the...
Come on both iPhone and Galaxy devices battery's are replaceable, I work at an Apple authorized service provider and I do they all the time, nothings soldered. I do however wish that they would just make them user replaceable, it almost seems like more work making a way for 1 nobody to be able to easily open them and also have the battery be quickly serviceable, there is also a lot of extra room in them surprisingly.
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