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Justin:   Any diagnosis on what is wrong with the BHSE I sent back to you in May?   Thanks,   JHellow
I made my first tube change since I received the BHSE from Justin 18 months ago. I originally ran the unit with GE Big Bottles, 6CA7s. A very nice matched quad, that was a little low in output but very quite and I thought very transparent, while a bit light in the bottom end. But I was very satisfied. I managed to acquire a set of new old stock Gold Lion KT77s, two matched pair. I installed and biased them yesterday and let them run in for several hours before first...
Thermal management has a huge impact on component life.  As the owner of a Rappaport Amp One, which used quality components and sounded great when it was functioning, even the best components fail faster in a high heat environment.  The PSU on the BHSE does not have the Rappaport level of thermal management problems, but clearly, Justin was addressing a perceived thermal problem with the PSU when he made changes to the bottom of the unit to provide more ventilation after...
The PSU gets pretty warm.  It needs good ventilation.  
Loan me your 009s and I'll let you know.  Seriously, the Fatboys sound very transparent to me, but don't seem to put much flesh on individual images.  Also, they seem a bit weak on the bottom.  But scads of detail almost to the point of being distracting.  This was with a Wadia 781i as a source, balanced into the BHSE.   JHellow   JHellow    
  Thanks a bunch.  Seems very clear and easy.   I'll let you all know how they sound compared to the GE Big Bottles.  Only problem now is my Wadia is back in Michigan for a drive replacement.   JHellow    
Could someone that has done it describe how you bias for new tubes on the BHSE.  I am an early BHSE owner and have a NOS set of matched original KT77s.  I don't want to wreck these beauties.   Thanks,   JHellow
That is a good question.  The current PSU gets very hot.  The new feet look like a great improvement over the originals as well.  Could these (bottom plates and feet) be retrofit in the field?
No response from an e-mail to Justin yet for tube biasing instructions.  I am hoping to use these KT77s this weekend. 
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