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That reminds me, I should write impressions for everything I've listened to so far in HK:Everything sucked. The Fitear MH334, TG334, and UE UERR weren't bad though. The Onkyo E700M isn't bad, the 900M is crap though.Sony XBA-A3 sounds worse than my H3 to my ears.Everything else I tried I already forgot about cuz it sucked so bad lol. And on MMCX/Bluetooth cables: Westone's is nice but isn't loud enough to drive my H3s playing quiet songs without being at 100%. Lear's BT...
Lol, whenever I see that website I think of onaholes for some reason... :PDoes it really sound better in 24 bit? It's only anime music after all....Anyone want some crappy Chinese figures of best grills of the season? 
Soooo in other words  it's useless then due to the open back design. XD Maybe some Comply foam tips or even the mythical spinfits would help tone down the sibilance?  Ouch, how in the world did that happen? 
LOL ouch man, I hope everything is okay for you there... How bad do they sound? XD
Aaaand Rewrite Season 2 confirmed for January 2017! Let's see if they adapt the final 2 routes better than the rest of the show...
I just binge watched most of the show in a couple days and I can say I certainly enjoyed the ride.  [[SPOILER]] At least Subaru is better than most characters in this genre who are either just trying to see as many oppai as they can or are dumber than a brick. At least Subaru has half a brain IMO. Anything else worth watching from the season? Agreed, I liked the characters as well. Even though I binged it I still quite enjoyed it! Lolz too late for me :D I have all the...
Yeah, that's a step in the right direction. :PHmm, so the Lia/IA concert was pretty amazing! Lia also announced she's living in Hong Kong now apparently! Her English was also super good, like better than most people I've talked to here... Hmm, to go to a マクロスmacross 82-99 concert next Friday or not... It starts at 10pm and goes until... 3:30am? :SSo I'd definitely have to take a taxi back home by the end of that, not sure if worth or not just to hear someone play their...
Wat, dang I feel ripped off now :O Lolz, good luck with your date :P Just clean off your bed so she can, uh, sit, and everything will be fine.  Wow, that's more varieties than I've tried in Hong Kong O.oA lot of those sound pretty dang good! Though I have to admit I don't think I'm much of a fan of the ones with the salted yolk inside :S
SGD and USD are pretty closely related though, right?  Dayum, if those are the actual selling prices you may get fakes, but hey who knows, stranger things have happened! Lolz, I've never tried them but I only had one variant I didn't like thus far. :D Dayum, what other kinds did they have there? :O
Wowza, well here at least 32gb cards are dirt cheap (both US and Hong Kong), like less than $10USD :O Are they expensive in Poland? :S Yes!!! Happy mid-autumn festival everyone! Awesome photo of the moon btw, mine turned out like poop :P
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