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Ugh, light is evil for sleep! I remember NLNH and I went to Japan and the curtains only covered 2/3 of the sliding glass window so we both got up at 5:30 after being up until midnight or later T_T That's when I went to Daiso and bought a blindfold for $1. That's the best freaking dollar I've ever spent. :DI'd argue while it wouldn't land you a job, being able to sleep a lot and be rested might help you maintain your performance at a job during tough times, there's that...
Speaking of speeding tickets, I got my first one a few days ago >_< I wish it was listening to this song too....Stupid unmarked speed camera catching me doing 10mph over when the highway goes from 50mph to 35 around a corner >_> I think it's also a trained skill to be able to wake up on command to only one alarm no matter the time or how much sleep you get. I think the only time I slept through an alarm was with Evee when we were in Japan and got very little sleep and the...
... Meanwhile in my apartment my single Asus TM-AC1900 continues to serve me just fine. Heck, I can even get a usable wifi signal from the parking lot 150-ish feet away, lol.   I gave my mom my old RT-AC66U to replace her Linksys E2000 or whatever old router I used to have. It actually gave full coverage around the house from the very corner of the house, so you may just wanna consider a more powerful router if your budget is limited, especially if you can get a highly...
One post in the last 24 hours, and this is it? 
  Samuel L. Jackson is one of us!
Lol you're not alone! :/ Better than here at UW lol. No more gigabit for me :( 
Sooooo you're finally using Lightroom eh? I forgot you'd switched over, I thought you liked whatever previous solution you had for managing photos more instead. :P And I know that feel. My laptop's CPU gets pegged pretty hard too trying to do lightroom tasks. You should be soooooo much better off with a desktop CPU. Wait, you have a PS4?! Why not just wait for the global release? :P
Yeah. Luckily though I won't have class on Friday so I'm hoping to be up there pretty early in the day on Friday and try and snag one if they aren't sold out! XD And yes I could just preorder one now but honestly I don't think I want one enough. If they have them there though I will probably impulse buy it, and if not it wasn't meant to be anyway lol.
Whoa, that looks awesome! Hopefully those will be available at Sakura-con this year and I can pick one up too! XD
Listening to Perfume on the way back from taking a test. :D
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