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Yep, thanks to the sale on, I said screw it and went for it.  Haha, but the bass is one of the things I like about the H3; I still haven't heard an IEM that uses BAs for bass that provides the necessary punch I'm looking for. 
Lol, I use Teamviewer to control my HTPC from my desktop, even though they are literally four feet away from each other...None of the stuff I use on my server is Windows compatible though. 
I just have a seedbox back at home. I use Transmission to add torrents, and PuTTY to do any management related stuff on the backend. Whee, 2.5GB free~
Pfft, Sony fanboy.  Heh, I'll download it too. Why not. Assuming my server has any space left, hehe
Hmm, I have the U2312HM and there's backlight bleed everywhere, good to know the others aren't quite as bad though. Pfft, so? It's totally worth it! XD Because everyone clearly looks at phone screens through microscopes and hates seeing pixels when looking through said microscopes.That being said, I love high PPI phones, their displays look so smooth and clear it isn't even funny Yup! I was going to comment on here that I listened to Dominated Dancehall and still preferred...
In case anyone wanted a case for their Lambdas, I was able to barely fit my SR-202s inside a Pelican 1200 case. I had to cut the very ends of the foam off on the side with the cups, but nonetheless they fit with a big of gentle pushing.  It may have been better to get a case with a little bit extra breathing room, but the larger ones are much more expensive than this 1200.
Aww, really? Too bad.Hmm, I don't really see that too much on my IPS display on my left monitor compared to my TN on the right. Or at least I think it's a TN, I'm not really sure lol Of course a crappy TV will look like crap compared to a better TV, regardless of age. That's why I'm still keeping my Panasonic Plazma from ~4 years ago, because it still has very good color levels compared to today's LCDs.But there's a much more obvious reason why it looks better, and that's...
YES! ONODERA MASTERRACE! I'm excited to see more about new girl though.  LOL, or the controls just suck... Did you watch Air in Summer yet? That was my favorite arc because it took place in feudal Japan and whatnot. Definitely because of the pixel count. Not only is the retina display smaller, but the resolution is something like 2880x1800 compared to your montior that is 1920x1080 and is larger. If you want a higher pixel density monitor, the only way to go is up to a 27"...
Oh, that was the problem, I wasn't poking a hole in the tape... No worries though, I'm shipping them back to Eke today and I ordered a set that will be here on Thursday. 
Nice! I do hope the integrated GPU will be powerful enough to handle 10 bit decoding with madVR. If so, that's a pretty sweet setup on the cheap! $20??? How??? 
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