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Woohoo, congrats!!!!
You can only realistically expect about 100/100 out of the top two numbers, especially if you go for a portable drive. You could always build one so you're sure it has a 7200rpm drive, but honestly that probably won't bump up your speeds that much anyway. I'm pretty sure 100 for read and write should be fine for recording FRAPS as that's not much faster than a standard hard drive connected via SATA. I saw this a couple months ago. Great stuff; let's make Python great...
Dammit, now I'm really jelly I don't get to go and hang out with you and micey and netforce :(
Cheers! No FLAC masterrace but that's kay, still better than potato YouTube quality... Damn, what happened to your original console? I have like 3 in the closet I'm holding onto some day. :D Wow, I still have yet to play a Square game more than 10 minutes...
Randomly found this song today: Oh my god why have I not had this song in my life??? Also hype, my copy of Clannad Side Stories should be showing up tomorrow! Found a pair of Grado SR325i's the other day up in Mice's neck of the woods for $200, which looks like a good deal, if only I could stand the awfulness of Grados...
Lolz, that "review" is hilarious XD The show was pretty awful tho
Still available?
Couldn't they just take the device off before running away with the bike though? O.o 
Yup, my E3 1230 V2 is LGA1155. 
I heard the same thing XD Lol okay, do you have a Z77 mobo to test them in too? XD Eh, who cares? Is Intel gonna go searching through your PC looking for an ES unit?
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