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I'm sorry, I think the international shipping costs would be prohibitive to trading, considering shipping for the Mad Dogs would be roughly $60.
This is true. The one we went to a couple weeks ago was great! Much better than what I remember Samurai Noodle tasting like! Music Alchemist mentioned me and PM'd me, so I thought I'd see what was up here. Carry on.
Maaang, I think I'm done with the anime thread for a while... It's getting to the point where I'm not enjoying posting here, and trying to catch up with the current conversation is almost impossible. It's like I either have to talk here about anime (which only very seldomly happens) or I can go watch anime.   Those of you who know how to contact me outside, I'll still be around. Though probably not on the Skype as much as before, more like fb/line. I'd rather devote what...
Huh, okay. No, more like I didn't watch the video until I replied yesterday. Meh, I ain't got time fo dat. Whoooooah, how did you do that??? Haha, sounds like the store at the Seattle airport! :D Nope, it's Thursday Borisu. :P
Hmm... Maybe one for rare (and thus expensive) dream headphones, and one for headphones that are actually good? :P Now I did! That's glorious! Hahahaha Nope, tried to play the first one and got bored. Huh, that does seem pretty badass to be honest!
Sweet, looking forward to it! Ah, that makes sense :( No I didn't hear about your mega-thread getting split! :O LOL wow, that's, uh... Strange. Do they have underwater basket weaving as well? Haha alrighty, I'll remember to go there next time I go visit my aunt probably. That looks pretty nasty :X Oh you.  Nice, now replace the tip and you should be good to go! And of course just scrap the sponge and use a proper tip cleaner... Oh god, nooooooooooo So what's your actual...
Wow, that makes the world confusing, doesn't it? But yes, this Washington is on the total opposite side of the country, and much, much larger than DC. It's also probably much prettier as well :3
Old news, someone already posted it. :P I don't think anyone posted this though:
LOL, fair enough! Meh, I also have to be in the right mood. Sometimes I like discovering new music, but recently I've just been wanting to re-listen to a lot of old long forgotten classic rock songs on my iPod and other obscure things. Oh, that'll do it then! Haha, you're the only one who knows XD Don't care, this is best Saya by far. :P Ohh right those, I see now. Noo, I mean a few dozen pages back, after you'd started posting... Nope, haven't seen it at all. Did they...
Haha, yeah. I bought the first copy which wasn't in great shape, and then found another copy that was in better condition I just had to buy for the lulz! I get what you mean, but if you're not using a computer, how can a computer OS be better than another computer OS? Spoilers man, spoilers! Cover that schiit up with a spoiler tag! Does he really want to bring boys to his yard? ;)
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