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I'm running some old temsaek rom atm... Need to get off it because it will sometimes randomly decide the touch screen shouldn't respond, play music randomly, or worse. Definitely don't really have time to bother with it now though.Also, I'm still running my phone without any kind of protection. It has a few dents here and there but the display has no damage whatsoever
Come to my neighborhood, you'd fit right in with all the drug dealers here!! Welp, I used to rom the heck out of my phone all the time to get the latest updates and tweaks. Since getting my OnePlus One though I've had much less temptation to flash new ROMs since the stock ROM is CyanogenMod, lol. You should definitely flash a custom ROM if there's a good stable one out there. 
Hmm, all I downloaded were pop culture 3 and the Nanchi album and both of those sounded pretty meh... Pop Culture 3 kind of sounded "retro" in some ways and new in others. Welp, I don't think anyone can complain about all of his albums sounding the same, that's for sure. Let's see, the bad traffic, smog, terrible traffic, weird government with way more restrictions than any other state in the US, eeyeah there are quite a few negatives. But dayum I still think it would be...
Oh wow, I didn't even realize there were new albums out! Downloading now at superslow DSL speeds =_= Why you Californians get the awesome jobs? :CAlso, how much of a weeb am I that I wanna import one of these car stereos from Japan so I can see my moonspeak characters while listening to music?
Hmm, so does that mean Micey is in Portland? :O
I would be willing to meet as well and try out some portable gear!
LOL, is there a card you can play that initiates an H scene? O.o Thanks, Michelle. I almost lost another one of your damn quotes again but I went back and found it.  Meh, T-PEOS always had really bright peaky looking IEMs to me. So nope... How was the minimeet today with the Earsonics stuff? Yes, you miiiiight be an alcoholic if you drink a lot without a reason... ;)
Lol I'm your what? Not husbando? :O Btw Araragi Koyomi is totally my husbando. Woohoo, Kurisu FTW!!! Hands off, she's one of my waifus too cuz she has the same birthday as me!! Hahahaha we can all drink together for different reasons. :D*Cues @deadlylover to join in on the imbibing*
Oh dayum... How much food did you eat that day? Lol. Sounds scary, that's why you should make sure to eat and sleep normally!LOL well does having a 3D girlfriend count as cheating on a waifu? I still have that figure and she is still my waifu and my gf is still cool with it.I think people just say that to troll as well. That's what I'll do just to mess with people that get bothered by multiple waifu.@miceblue thanks for the condolences, I was going to quote you but I lost...
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