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Nope, it's the treble peaks that I don't like. Huh, wonder if there are any subbed releases? :O@miceblue The S7 active might actually be decent if you don't want any software updates after 6 months... Otherwise, you could always wait for the next Nexus phones, the new Nexus 5 is supposed to be pretty nice according to rumors. 
No thanks. I've tried the TH900 and didn't like the sound signature. I really think the TH-X00 is better than any of the Denon cans I've tried, or the TH-900. Heck, I'd go as far as to say it's my favorite closed back headphone. Also I derped, didn't realize it won't be available until Friday lol
Damn, sold out already.... :O
Pretty much.  Daaaaaaayum, that looks ridiculous! That's way too many weebs to have to deal with at any one time. XD Fair enough. Then again, I figure if a laptop can't take a little bit of pressure from being crammed into a really tight bag, it's probably not worth owning. :P Whoa, that's crazy! :O
Oh, I see. Yeah, UW has a pretty early application deadline as I recall; hopefully you can get direct admission although I'm not sure how that works for transfer students, or if they will even accept all your credits. Better apply ASAP in hopes you get admitted in a different quarter I'd reckon. That sounds pretty eh indeed. Even though WA's political system isn't the greatest, at the very least our tuition got reduced by 5% the past two years, and a new CS building is in...
That's still a lot of con, especially since any "hardcore" con-goer will certainly be there for the 5th day to get their badges. :D Aww, that's even more lame that you couldn't stop at any of the awesome places you've been looking forward to stopping at :( Lol, I didn't realize your laptop was that thick? xD And yup, as deadly said there should be a "lock mirror up for cleaning" or some such function which will let you clean off the sensor. Carefully..... Holy crap, bikers...
Yeah no worries, I can wait a while. XD Nice! Hope it all works out for you!  Lol. It's not really that hard. Well for you Californians I think you guys have to wait 5 days or something. Background check form takes like 5 minutes to fill out and is instant so no worries there :P Sounds like they had a good time, lol. Too bad you couldn't watch the big fireworks in LA but I'm sure you were busy with con stuff anyway so you didn't care. :P Whaaat, you didn't even bring your...
Daaamn, you should PM or send us through Facebook. I'd enjoy seeing them vids :D Damn, you looking to get out of the hentai industry? :C Better do it before 2019 or something like that, that's when any firearm with a detachable magazine (so pretty much every gun in production today) becomes illegal to purchase (but not posses, yet...) Holy carp that is insane! Yeah, 3 days of Sakura-con is almost too much, that being said I'd love to at least try and go to all 5 days of AX...
It's actually pretty good! Already some inconsistencies with the VN but overall not bad at all! IIRC Funimation is the one that doesn't price gouge? Look at movies like summer wars that were released by funi, they're pretty cheap imo. Damn, do you run an electronics repair shop down there or just repair stuff for friends and family members? 
Damn, you should buy it and then sell it to Valve for a lot more! :P Wow, hype for Rewrite, that first episode was actually pretty good. I'm pretty sure it'll tank from here on out, but not a bad first episode! 
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