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Welp, it's been a while guys.    Just got moved into my new place and I have just about everything set up now. Here's my new battlestation for the forseeable future! Can't find my SD card reader for my DSLR so enjoy blurricam :D  
So this is happening this weekend in our town: http://www.gentlemenoftheroad.com/stopovers/walla-walla/   Brb trying to catch up on anime T_T
Yeah, you're probably a little before my time, I don't recognize those shows at all. . I think my first was Oreimo or Rosario Vampire, I forget now...
Wait what website are you using that charges that high of a commission?
Lmao, wouldn't you want something more than a flashlight if there's an intruder in your house? I mean sure guns aren't allowed there any more but wouldn't you at least want a knife or a club or something? Dayum, I hate those nights >.< Sorry to hear that :( Ahhh, those days are great, because usually for me they are a result of not getting enough sleep the few nights before and it's my body telling me it's really tired.
Haha it's been a while since I've listened to mine too lol. I think there's a minor comfort upgrade and IMO the bass sounds a bit more extended.Anyway they're only like 5k yen from Amazon Japan last time I checked.
Whoa, I didn't know @Rozenberg had a STAX 202! Welcome to the club mang!   Buy your pads from Japan or Asia in general and they will be massively cheaper ;)
Hey, it has been a while Mr. Alchemist!! I have a hard time ranking the lambdas I own, I'd say they're all different but not necessarily better than one another. The upper mids in the 202 are a bit more forward and the lower mids in the original lambda are more prominent, where the Spirits are more of a balance between the two with the least offensive treble of the three. In the end, with the music I listen to, I just don't find myself grabbing these over the 202s enough...
Thanks!Lol, I'll have enough, I just want some extra cash just in case of unexpected moving expenses...That will literally be the entirety of my card payment. -_-
Soooooo.... I may have just bought the Kef Ls50s, the $1500 loudspeaker everyone says is really dang good and I heard this weekend and agreed sounds really good, for $550. Anyone wanna buy any of my stuff so I can make my credit card payment? XD
New Posts  All Forums: