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Holy crap, that's awesome!!!! Do want. I wonder though, is the music on the inner portion of the CD where it's not transparent?
Borisu said he will be working next year instead of going to school :( And yes he showed the huge library XD
I'm still in the US :P I will be going to CUHK the first semester of next school year, so whenever that starts, 1st September or something like that? Ooh sweet, I will keep that in mind and try to make it to Jaben while I'm over there :D
I'm going to HK officially yo. Japan's semester system is completely backwards from the rest of za warudo so it wouldn't fit into my schedule to go over there... However, on whatever day I'm done with midterms I'm flying my arse to Japan and hopefully going to attend Comiket and go to Akiba and possibly see some sights like temples, onsen, etc etc... Wanna join? XP Hmmm, I do like me some very good vocals so I may like the 334 more. I could care less about soundstage...
Damn, I'll have to listen to both of those! Hopefully there will be a store selling both/either in HK, or Japan at the least. I'll be going there in a few months to study abroad for a few months. Like I said, as much as I like the KEF LS50s, and speakers in general, I may get rid of them or just see if the school overpays me for my trip like they have done in the past. XD I'd never even heard of the Oriolus but it's on my short list now O.o And never heard any FAD stuff...
Daaayum. Well I'm thinking of selling my KEFs possibly to buy some Fitears while I'm over in HK but I'm still undecided... Maybe I can get some Fitears over there for a really good price then!
Think I could get TG334s in Japan for under $1k? :O Welp... Looks like I had some gun parts stolen... Even though they had insurance I guess the post office doesn't insure the package after it's delivered so the seller just told me to order the $100 parts again.  
Yup, sounds neat indeed! I wanna go now too! http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=yellow+fever I know because I may have a case of the fever... XD
Damn, what kind of restaurant is that? Sounds like my kind of place. 
Yup. Download VNTS interpreter and the VNTS ported version of Saya and play away! I like them, but only if they're good made by KEY.  Speaking of, get hype!!!   Would buy. Even though I don't like any of the music I'd still buy
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