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The cable is in mint condition. Improve the sound of your Mojo, Hugo, PHA-3. The price includes Paypal fees and shipping to CONUSA.
For sale is a 6' Moon Audio Silver Dragon v3 cable for HD600/650 in mint condition. It's terminated in 3.5mm stereo plug. The price includes shipping and Paypal fees.
Could anyone compare Mojo's soundstage width to the usual suspects under $1K ( ZX1, ZX2, Dragonfly, Meridian Explorer, Apogee Groove, PHA-3, HM802, HM901, Concero HP, Cowon P1)? Thank you. A couple of reviews mentioned that Mojo's soundstage is intimate.
The item is in like new condition and has been used for about 20 hours. It will be shipped in its original packaging with all original accessories. The price includes shipping and Paypal fees.
I had DX90 and didn't like it much. P1 is a big step up from DX90. P1 and ZX2 are great DAPs and, if I was using easy to drive headphones, I would be very happy with either.
I'm not good at making comparisons. They are both very good sounding DAPs. P1 is brighter and has more air between instruments. ZX2 is darker and has more weight to its sound signature. Both are very musical and not sterile sounding. You should audition them for yourself because sound quality is very subjective.   HM901 was my least favorite. Running anything off an SD card, degrades sound quality to my ears.    One more thing... Momentum 2's warm sound signature is a...
I would like to chime in. I'm a new P1 owner. I've owned Pono, ZX2, HM901, HM802 and Calyx M. To my ears, P1 is superior in sound quality with my HD650. It's very musical and engaging. I don't believe in burn-in but after 48 hrs the soundstage really opened up. This is a keeper. If ZX2 could drive full size headphones, it would be very difficult to choose between ZX2 and P1. They are my two favorites.
I'm not sure about treble quantity. I had the original Momentums about a year ago. To my ears, Momentum 2's treble is smoother and more even.
I just received a pair of wired Momentum 2's. I have to admit that I fell in love with them within minutes of listening to them. I'm a big fan of Sennheiser sound and HD650 is my all time most favorite headphone. I absolutely disliked the original Momentums. I could't get over the treble quality. Treble has been fixed in Momentum 2's which gives it a much smoother presentation. It's a keeper for portable use.
New Posts  All Forums: