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For sale is a Sennheiser HD600/650 Pono/PHA-3 Balanced Cable 5ft. This cable was professionally made from a stock HD650 cable and terminated with Neutrik plugs. The cable is in excellent condition and has no defects. It was used for about 20 hours. I'm selling it because I no longer own Pono and PHA-3. Price includes shipping to CONUSA and Paypal fees.
After spending more time with the Red, I'm afraid that the new toy syndrome has worn off and my opinion has changed. There is something that is bothering me about the way the Red is voiced. Everything sounds smoothed over. It's especially apparent on female vocals. It almost sounds if there is a veil even though it is a bright sounding DAC/Amp. I'm still blown away by the soundstage size though. It's comfortably wide and is not closed in.
 It just shows that we all hear differently. I absolutely love the Red. I'm using Pono MusicWorld player with WASAPI, PC running Win 10. I like DF 1 and absolutely dislike DF 1.2 because it suffers from digititis and sounds artificial. Audioquest fixed that problem with the Red. It's smooth sounding and yet has lots of details. It's never fatiguing. The Red has the biggest soundstage of any portable i had a chance to audition. I've owned ZX2, Cowon P1, HM901 and 802, Calyx...
The cable is in mint condition. Improve the sound of your Mojo, Hugo, PHA-3. The price includes Paypal fees and shipping to CONUSA.
For sale is a 6' Moon Audio Silver Dragon v3 cable for HD600/650 in mint condition. It's terminated in 3.5mm stereo plug. The price includes shipping and Paypal fees.
Could anyone compare Mojo's soundstage width to the usual suspects under $1K ( ZX1, ZX2, Dragonfly, Meridian Explorer, Apogee Groove, PHA-3, HM802, HM901, Concero HP, Cowon P1)? Thank you. A couple of reviews mentioned that Mojo's soundstage is intimate.
The item is in like new condition and has been used for about 20 hours. It will be shipped in its original packaging with all original accessories. The price includes shipping and Paypal fees.
I had DX90 and didn't like it much. P1 is a big step up from DX90. P1 and ZX2 are great DAPs and, if I was using easy to drive headphones, I would be very happy with either.
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