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I really like Shure black olive tips. I find them to be very comfortable but also pretty durable for a foam tip. I think the added durability has to do with the coating they put on the surface of the tips. The Comply's are really comfortable, but they don't last long and do tend to attenuate the highs.
Hello Head-Fiers, I purchased a pair of Westone 3's from Earphone Soulutions with the idea to give them to my father for Christmas. He travels overseas a lot, so I thought these would make a great gift for him. Come to find out, he has already bought and uses some Shure model (an E4C variant) that he really likes. SO...I was thinking I could sell this brand new set of 3's to a fellow Head-Fier. I bought them for $399 w/free shipping. I could sell them for SOLD to...
I think my DT150 sounds great with my iBasso D3. I know this is just a portable, but it sounds good enough that I'm not considering an upgrade any time soon.
Has anyone had a chance to use them with the iBasso D3?
I think the "new iPods" include the new Nano and new Touch. The Classic is the same, except for the HDD and the Genius Playlist feature. I just got a 160gb Classic while they are still available, and I think it's a better deal.
I had the great pleasure of selling him my 5th gen. iPod. He was a great buyer with excellent communication and fast payment. I would be happy to do business with him again in the future. -CK
Ha, I dabbled with Rockbox for quite a while but ended up finding it more trouble than it was worth (on my iPod at least). I do like coverflow on iTunes, but I see no need to use it on my iPod.
I'm still enjoying my DT150 with the iBasso D3 DAC/Amp. I have some Westone 3's coming in the mail this week, so my DT150 might take a backseat for a while. We'll see...
I have a brand new 160gb Classic coming in the mail tomorrow. I'm eager to try it out. I just sold my 60gb iPod Video, so let's hope I don't regret my decision.
I think your best bet is the Premier Acoustic PA-120 on eBay which is $160 w/ 30% live cashback. I do a lot of reading over at AVSForum, and I just bought the Cadence CSX-15 for $399 - 30% live cashback - 10% PayPal coupon - 10% Cadence coupon = $200! This sub goes down to 20Hz. They have a 12" model that goes down to 25Hz called the CSX-12 which can be had for $179 with the 30% cashback and contacting them about the 10% coupon. They will reimburse you through...
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