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It's been a quite a while since I picked up my used DT150 here on Head-Fi for ~$100, and it has to be my best purchase to date since joining this crazy forum. I find them competent with everything I throw at them. I have them paired up with an iBasso D3, and even out of my iPod Classic line out, the combo sounds fantastic. As far as comfort, I took a small leap of faith and purchased some Garfield Softies (chenille earpad covers) and the sticky stock pads are no...
Thanks for the review. My only concern is the fact that you are using such low quality files as your source (128kbp mp3's). I can easily detect the low bit rate songs in my library when using my DT150. I highly suggest you rip some higher quality mp3's (at the very least 192kbp) and see what your phones are really capable of.
I love my DT150 for its great bass and ability to offer details without the downside of sibilance. I am pretty sensitive when it comes to harsh treble, and the DT150 seems to give plenty of sparkle without being fatiguing to listen to.
Right now I'm using the DT150 with my iBasso portable DAC/Amp and I really never use it portably, so I was wondering what would be a better desktop alternative in the <$300 price range. Anybody got any advice? I'd like to make sure and have good synergy with the DT150.
Sad to say I use iTunes almost exclusively. I have my iBasso D3 setup as a DAC/Amp, and I leave all EQ's off. It sounds great to me, and I only have high bit rate mp3 and aac files. I have so much music that making the transition to lossless seems like an impossible task.
As of right now my im716's are listed in the FS forums, but I always wanted to get them modded. Sadly I have nothing in the way of experience to do this myself. Would anyone be interested in doing it for me for about $20? There is another little issue with my phones as well, my cat partially bit through the cable above the y-split on the right side. The phones work intermittently, but I'd love to have this fixed as well. I don't know if it can be fixed with some...
Last price drop.
Well I'm the one that did the "fate mod" and really disliked it. I have since gotten a replacement pair from FocalPrice right before the price went up. I can honestly say that it would be a bad idea to do the mod unless you have two pair on hand. I found the sound extremely muddy and lacking in treble after taking the bass knobs off. As of right now, the PL-30's are sounding great with my new iPod Classic.
Eric was very easy to communicate with. He paid quickly and seemed to be a very nice guy. I would not hesitate to do business with him again in the future.
I highly recommend the Beyerdynamic DT150. It is a great closed can that seems a little under-appreciated around here.
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