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I have bought from eBay many times, but I really didn't feel comfortable getting something this expensive and potentially defectable from somewhere without a well-known reputation. So is $295 the best deal around?
Hi, After months of reading and researching I think I have decided to purchase the Westone UM2 to go with my 40gb iPod Photo. Lately I have been trying to find the best price. I saw the seller on eBay, but I wanted to make sure I bought from somewhere with good customer service. I found a store in Canada selling them for $280 with $15 shipping. The site didn't look too professional so I emailed to see if they would do a price match. Sure...
I owned the Er6i's at one point (they were stolen along with my backpack ) and I had one side go out. I replaced the filter and it was back to normal. I suggest you try this first. It's pretty easy to do and you can always put the one you took out back in if you find no improvement.
Is there anyone that has tried both the custom UM2's and the ES2's? I think I have read here at Head-Fi that they share the same drivers, so this really intrigues me. Who knows, I may be perfectly satisfied with the stock UM2's.
I am considering the purchase of some Westone UM2's to go with my iPod. I want to know if the ES2's are that much better than UM2's outfitted with custom molds. I definately cannot afford the ES2's, but I may be able to save up and order custom molds for the UM2's. Thanks, CK
That's great to hear!! Were you able to hear the sound defect with the Ety's and Shure's? I am not sure if I will ever go for a headphone amp due to the portability issue, but it's great to hear another satisfied UM2 owner! Thanks, CK
Hi, I am currently trying the decide whether or not to purchase the Westone UM2's for my 40gb iPod Photo. I have already owned the Er6i's and I was able to hear very evident sound distortion (especially in piano solos) when listening through the headphone-out. The problem completely disappeared when listening through the line-out. This is a well-documented issue with the iPod Photos and headphones having an impedance lower than 32 ohms. The UM2's have an impedance...
Quote: Originally Posted by zeyus So the EQ works with the lineout? Yes it does. The EQ seems to work better through the line-out because there is no bass drop-off to degrade the quality. The use of MP3Gain is what makes the EQ usable in the first place.
Well, I guess my finding was not too spectacular after all. I just know that it has made a big difference to me, and I will now refrain from purchasing E4c's any time soon. Thanks. -CK
Hi, First of all I would like to say that I am adicted to Head-Fi. I check out the new posts a few times a day, and search for any topic I need an answer to. I often get more questions, but I enjoy the learning process. Anyway, I have an iPod Photo and have been using the Ety Er6i's with it for about 6 months now. I have practically read everything concerning these phones and an iPod. I think I have finally found a solution to the lacking bass of the phones. ...
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