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Quote: Originally Posted by gameboy115 Can you tell me how does olive compare with comply tips coming with UM3X? I found all spectrum are muffled with comply. thanks I barely listened with the included short Comply tips (I haven't listened with the large Comply tips at all). I have almost exclusively used the Shure olives because I don't have any complaints about the sound or the comfort. I briefly tried some bi-flanges, but I felt the bass was...
zeroibis, I don't think there will be any noticeable burn-in on the PFE. The balanced armature drivers don't burn-in like a dynamic driver. The most you can expect is getting used to the sound signature over time.
I'm sticking to the medium Shure olive tips as I find them the most comfortable. I also really like the included Comply tips, but I just don't like the idea of replacing tips all the time. That is too expensive an ordeal for me. I may try some other tips in the future.
^^^Can you buy the Klipsch eargels by themselves? If so, where is the cheapest place? Also how do the sizes compare to other brands. I use the medium Shure Olive tips now, so would I probably wear a medium in the Klipsch tips?
I find the cable of the UM3X to be the perfect length while my iPod is in my pants pocket. I am about 6ft, so I assume it depends on your height. It may be a bit too short to plug into a PC. A Laptop should be OK though.
I find the best running solution for me has been the 1st gen. iPod Shuffle with a Koss KSC-35 with a cheap headband mod. I could never really take to the ear clips, so now I have a cheap metal headband that constantly gets comments asking if I got me headphones from the '80's. I don't mind though. I once ran with UM2's, but that is asking for a quick death. If you run on a treadmill, this might not be an issue. Hearing cars is a very important part of staying alive...
Quote: Originally Posted by gameboy115 Hey ckhirinig, do you miss PFE anymore? I can't say that I miss the PFE now that I have the UM3X. The main thing I miss is the $200 more I had to spend to make the switch. I found the PFE to be an incredible value for the SQ they were able to provide at their price point. The UM3X is more comfortable to me (only because the PFE poked my ear a little). I also like the fact that I don't feel any need to amp...
Well I received my replacement pair of UM3X today and there are no problems! I tested for the vibration and also looked over the housing for any issues. I have nothing negative to report. Now it's time to enjoy my new toy!
I eagerly await my replacement UM3X. I thought it would be here today, but it looks like it may be tomorrow instead. I am crossing my fingers about having the vibration issue again. I would hate to have to get another replacement.
There is a small slip of paper in the UM3X box that says it was inspected by someone. It even has their initials and the date of inspection. I guess they don't put the phones on and tap the housing to check for this vibration. Maybe they will now that it has been brought to their attention.
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