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I am sticking with the olives due to the ease of use. I don't even have to compress them to insert into my ears. I also find them to sound a little better than the stock silicones. I don't have a problem with the Comply tips, but I have to compress them and they get dirtier quicker than the olives.
I'll ship it anywhere, as long as the buyer pays for the shipping.
Hey Head-Fi, I have now decided to sell my recently purchased UM3X. I have begun to prefer the sound of my Phonak PFE. The UM3X is in like new condition. I haven't even used any of the included Comply tips as I prefer the Shure olives. They come in the original box with all included accessories. They were purchased from an authorized dealer: Frequency City Sound & Lighting. I didn't register the phones with Westone yet, so you could do that and get the full 2-year...
I just switched from a Volkl Quantum V1 to the Prince O3 Speedport Tour. I try to play at least once a week. I play in the USTA leagues mostly.
After all the phones I've tried, I also find the PFE to be the best value. When paired with a cheap Fiio E5 amp, these things really come alive and leave me with little to desire.
The new Westone UM3X has a great midrange without being harsh. Many think it improves upon the Shure SE530. I have the UM3X currently, and I also have the Phonak PFE to compare it to. I am really liking them both, but I am finding better clarity with the PFE if I use the right synergistic setup. The "right" setup for the PFE seems to require external amplification instead of the headphone out of my iPod Classic. I'm using the Fiio E5 amp connected through the line...
^^^Haha, you're right. I have been trying to justify selling the UM3X for a few days now. It's so strange how much can change when you get to compare two headphones side by side. My main hesitation with the PFE is the fact that they really need the E5 to sound great. This means always having to lug around a LOD and amp. The Westone has zero benefit from the E5, but does sound a little better with my iBasso D3 as a source/amp. I feel unsure of my decision at this...
What is your source? I also have the PFE with the Fiio E5, and I am really pleased with the sound. I have settled on the gray filters because I find there to be more sibilance with the black filters. I switch back and forth between using my iPod Classic with a LOD connected to the E5 and using my iBasso D3's DAC to feed the E5. FYI, I always have the bass boost enable on the E5. I know this doesn't help you very much in your decision, but I would also really like to...
I have posted some further impressions of the UM3X vs. PFE on the PFE appreciation thread if any of you are interested. You may be surprised at what I have to say... http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f103/p...ml#post5716886
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