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Hello Head-Fi,   I haven't been active at Head-Fi for a while, and that goes hand in hand with why I'm selling these excellent Yuin OK1 earphones. A few years back I was really into headphones and bought a number of things that I no longer use enough to justify keeping. One of these relics is the Yuin OK1. They are in near perfect condition. I still have practically everything that came with them originally. I got these after really liking the Yuin PK1. I got a...
Hey Head-Fi, I know many of you are music lovers like me, so I wanted to put the word out on a great music festival that is coming up in May. It's going to be right on the beach in Gulf Shores, Alabama with an amazing line-up of performers. I live pretty close to the event, so it's a no brainer for me. I encourage anybody in the area to take a look at the site and see if you might want to come as well. It's going to be a blast! Here's the link: The Hangout...
As another example, I owned the UM3X and the PFE at the same time and decided to sell the UM3X. I liked both, but preferred the the sound signature of the PFE (when amped that is). I also liked the price tag of the PFE compared to the Westone.
I've owned the PK1 in the past, and I own the OK1 now. I think the PK1 was warmer but the OK1 is clearer with more defined, tight bass. The PK1 had great bass when properly amped, but it was a little too bass-heavy for my taste.
I currently own the Yuin OK1 and the PFE. I actually used to own the PK1, but when thinking back, I wanted a little more treble in the presentation. I am pretty satisfied with the OK1 in that regard. The OK1 and the PFE are both great at what they do. The PFE obviously has better isolation, but the soundstaging isn't nearly as expansive as the OK1. With adequate amping, I could be happy with either. I will probably stick to the OK1 in situations where isolation isn't...
I use my E5 with the Phonak PFE and feel it adds some much needed warmth to the phones. I have also just received a pair of the Yuin OK1, and they seem to sound pretty good with the E5.
AndrewF was great to deal with while purchasing my Westone UM3X. Communication was excellent and payment came quickly. I would not hesitate to do business with him again in the future. -CK
The main difference I find when using the PFE with my Fiio E5 is that the sound becomes fuller. I prefer this to the "thin" sound I get unamped. I think a lot of this warmth comes from the E5 and the fact that I have the bass boost enabled. I think the synergy is great. I notice an improvement with my iBasso D3, but I prefer the warmth and fullness the E5 gives to the PFE. I'd like to find an amp that does what the E5 does for the PFE, but better. I am thinking the...
I really love my PFE. I just sold the Westone UM3X in favor of them. I am using them with a cheap Fiio E5 amp (with Bass Boost enabled) and the combination is wonderful. They are the best deal I've found in my stay here at Head-Fi.
Price drop.
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