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I may be too late, but is there still a source for the gray filters? I see earphonesolutions has green and black, but I've always prefered the gray. 
So I emailed Blox about group buy pricing. Sadly it seems you still have to pay $7 shipping for every M2C purchased. This makes the deal a little less appealing. The total for 5 pair with shipping is $179 (or $35.80 each). That is how much it will cost for the phones to get to the person placing the group purchase with Blox. There would then be the cost of shipping each of the phones to the people in the group buy. In the end, I think the best result is each person paying...
Mike, I'm sure there are 3 other Head-Fi members out there that missed the boat on the M2C last time round. I suggest you change the title of this thread to include the words "Group Buy". That way we can attract more interest. I don't think it will be hard to find a few more interested people. -CK
Has anybody setup a group buy of 5 or more M2C's? I'm definitely interested if there is one being formed! PM me if interested or if you're organizing. Thanks, CK
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I've dropped the price again. I'd really like to get these sold before Christmas!
Back up for sale.
Pending sale
Price drop!
Hey Head-Fi,   I am trying to sell my iBasso D3 portable amp / DAC that's in excellent condition. I haven't used it much at all recently, so I thought it was time to find it a new home. It's a great little unit and runs on AAA batteries. Here's a link to the iBasso page with all the specs: I'm also selling my pair of Yuin OK1 earbuds too, so let me know if you happen to be interested in both. I'm liable to give you...
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