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Might have to miss this one. On purpose, this time. Won't know until Saturday. Hoping... Great article ;)
Finally made a meet! Been a while. A lot of new faces, and a few old. And a closed can that actually sounds good?!?   And, gosh darn, but I lost my provari vaping thingamagig!
Ooh! Another meet to miss.
Plastic standoffs work well with screws & nuts, and you only need one nut. Connectors--like IDC, edge connectors, or matched sets of inline pins and sockets--can also be used as a standoff, and they can also carry signals to a daughter board, even if they're not quite the right thing for mounting to a case.
I use a teflon baking mat to keep the tabletop clean. If you get one, make sure it's either NSF certified or otherwise says it handles 475F (250C). There are lower temperature ones out there. These are good enough to survive solder splashes and a few seconds of your hot iron. If you have the cash, you can get ESD safe high temperature mats, but they run $100us and more.
That 5C and half second for the plastic phase also gives you an extra half second when desoldering to pull the part off before the solder hardens again. But that implies you melted it at 5C higher, so you have the same time either way. (Give or take any heat of solidifi... err... plastification.)   60:40 is just fine. Probably most people use it.
There's no significant difference in a lab setting. In the field, where you might be holding parts by hand, that little bit of plastic phase is useful. But it only helps by giving you half a second to stabilize the part--in other words, if you can't hold the parts steady for some reason, it might give you half a second to hold still and still make a useable joint.   Best I can do.
The plastic phase is so small (8C) that there's only a very small difference. If I had to pick, I'd say go with the 63:37 eutectic so there won't be any surprises if you pick up some cardas quad, silver bearing, or unleaded. But get a small spool (10' to 50') of 60:40 somewhere down the line just so there won't be any surprises in some emergency at a meet or something.
Yeah. And after rewriting the post eleventy-seven times, I'm still not happy with the post.   Try them both and decide.   Just be careful with any other alloys. Almost all of the other non-eutectic formulations have a large plastic phase, so do your research or stick with eutectics for anything other than 60:40.   I posted a list of some solders in my soldering station collection thread, along with some other related information.
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