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Hope to be there. Missed one or two meets and some have been out of town, and too difficult to get to.
It's easier to solder wire onto rectangular bar. I've also used them for grounding strips in the past.   All this talk of shielding... How ever did people manage any electronics stuff before the pc board? 
It goes to 899F? Wow! The newer ones do much higher temperatures to accomodate lead-free solder.   Hate to take a guess on temps without knowing the physical size of the connector & wire. Personally, I think the hotter the better 'cause what you want to do is heat the smallest area possible as fast as possible and get the iron out of there. Higher temps transfer less total heat energy, which minimizes the chance of melting any plastic. But you can also burn off the flux...
Nice starter kit.    I got scared for a second there... Hakko's website says that station comes standard with a T18-D16, a 1.6mm spade tip, which is perfect for this. Tips didn't come in the stations I got from them. Glad they finally fixed this shortcoming.
Might have to miss this one. On purpose, this time. Won't know until Saturday. Hoping... Great article ;)
Finally made a meet! Been a while. A lot of new faces, and a few old. And a closed can that actually sounds good?!?   And, gosh darn, but I lost my provari vaping thingamagig!
Ooh! Another meet to miss.
Plastic standoffs work well with screws & nuts, and you only need one nut. Connectors--like IDC, edge connectors, or matched sets of inline pins and sockets--can also be used as a standoff, and they can also carry signals to a daughter board, even if they're not quite the right thing for mounting to a case.
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